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  • fliujniligui fliujniligui Sep 14, 2011 11:54 AM Flag

    Signs of failure again

    For strange reasons, YLO stopped buying back securities

    Action was occuring on a daily basis in August and then nothing happens. Guess what, YLO had massive credit lines open. If the bank, following downgrades and mess, called those credit lines back, then YLO is probably already in liquidity strap. Securities, not being bought back just cost more and add up to liabilities. These are expensive to service and the prefs, despite sinking, are not bought back either for cancellation and cost even more to service.

    This company fails at multiple levels. They don't even reply to IR mails and give not much transparency on what exactly they perform.

    This explains why it opens 1-2 cents up in the morning and systematically gets down at the end of day. One would be crazy to bid up for such impossible to value business with likely bad outcome.

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