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  • peristentone peristentone Sep 20, 2011 3:20 AM Flag

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    That's actually a tremendous point. It is in YLO's interest to keep as much drama and borderline negativity as possible, in order to maximize the value of the buybacks.

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    • If management is trustworthy and competent, this is a sure win, but I doubt they are able to take the opportunity to use their 1 billion cash available this year to cancel as much as they can of the costly capital structure.

      There is certainly stuff to be done, but they don't give the impression that they will fix it. However, if it is like you say, it would be smart from them to inspire as little confidence as they can while they cheaply act to bolster financials for the benefit of those who hold, cross fingers, believe and wait for stuff to happen. Since managers bought some stocks and hold a lot of options, we can see a faint possibility of positive action.

      At today's price selling is possibly no longer the best option. I would not buy in if I am out however, there is a complete lack of clarity and confidence here and there are best uses of money available elsewhere. In one year from now, many stocks of high quality and solvency could be available at 50% rebate.

      The paradigm switched. Nowadays, opposed to 80's and 90's, the less you invest in paper assets, the more you will enrich yourself.