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  • m_cansun m_cansun Aug 15, 2002 11:58 AM Flag

    check out CEO interview

    Jana speaks with Wall Street Reporter about the recent developmets in the company and the new vision and strategy moving forward, interview can be found at
    www. wallstreetreporter. com


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    • That is so funny. People listen to an interview and say "Strong Buy". It's been the same crap since day one. I've watched this company for 8 years-worked for it for 7 1/2 years. It's the same every quarter. They've always lost money and always paint a rosey picture. It's always "don't pay any attention to the figures -we're on our way now". It never happens-never will. I remember when they said "as soon as we have 10,000 units installed we'll be in the black-then 12,000- then 16,000 then on and on and on. Now after another loosing quarter and the same old line some buffoon comes on and says" Hey-did you hear that interview- BUY BUY BUY " it struck me as really funny. Over 40 loosing quarters in a row and 40 quarters of "HER WE GO NOW" and there is someone that still believes it-funny- The fat lady is clearing her throat.

    • This company will be delisted soon. They can not make it since they have not posted a profit in like 3 years. Millions lost every QTR is a huge way to get new investors to invest in this POS. Come on, look at the numbers for the last 3 years, quit listening to the poop Jana dishes every QTR. The bottom line is they cut 80% of the operations staff in the last year, and still can't turn a profit. Sale while you can, this company will not only be delisted, but will continue to strap the rest of MP worldwide down with it.

    • worth while listening, she sounds quite confident, i belive she clearly states her vision...