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  • MeccaSH MeccaSH Aug 16, 1999 9:01 PM Flag

    Balance sheet

    Before Saundersquick does the gloom and doom
    post, if he/she is still here, these are some of the
    observations I have on HWYM's balance sheet. Working capital
    increased 1.2 million, so maybe the bleeding is done. There
    was no longer the warning about SBC and paying them
    back with the 6/99 announcement. I didn't like the
    play on inventory, with the note that they decreased
    it by 8 mil even if the product wasn't accepted.
    That had to be SBC, along with the advance payments
    from customers of 9.4 mil. Good on that they might be
    real possitive that the product will be accepted by
    SBC now.

    Balance sheet is still week with the
    Senior notes payable of 91.9
    mil and income of .2
    mil. That has to be the reason the stock didn't fly
    today or won't in the forseable future. I also wonder
    about the pledged securities, need a real financial
    statement with notes to it to determine what that inpact
    is. Don't want to guess here. The pleaded securities
    are going away and are increasing cash flow by a
    significant number.

    On the earnings statement. I was
    dissapointed that the backlogged SBC "product revenue" didn't
    appear to go to the bottom line. Some others might be
    better than I am here, I expect the "accepted units"
    with SBC now change to service revenue, and coupon
    clipping? I would accept a loss on the Product Revenue, if
    the service revenue kicks in, and was unreported. Ya
    can't fault pressent management on cost containment,
    all looked good. I don't often like that R&D costs go
    down though. Easy to cut in the short term, long term
    it can kill a company.

    I was pretty pleased
    with everyting reported, can't get the conference
    call, even after downloading some software. For now,
    the current ratio will give me a wait and see next
    quarter. Any increase in this company's working capital
    has to be a pat on the back of the current

    Good luck to all. Mecca, my dear wife

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    • Thanks for your well wishes and the wishes for
      all who own SBC.
      The "low" feeling is just
      temporary, got some cheep stock, SBC to name the big one,
      and hope some other bids might hit. I do hope I will
      do well in past history for SBC owners, but recent
      stuff is out of the norm for me. I did get another 100
      shares of SBC yesterday at $45.50 and I put in an ask
      for $1.25 for October calls at $50 this morning.
      Figured it would take a movement to $48 or more to kick
      in my ask, but got it with SBC at $47.50.

      don't know if any of you do covered calls or even look
      at that part of the market, but an almost 10%
      movement in the market getting ya over a buck on the calls
      is a nice price. The calls easily pay my in and out
      commissions, and if the stock makes $50 in just a bit over a
      month, I pick up almost a 10% movement, annualized to
      100% or greater of a return.

      There seem to be
      a bunch of people who want to pay $1 or more for
      the chance to own SBC at $50 by the third week of
      October. When my calls sold there were 110 sold at the
      time. That equates to 11,000 shares bought at $50, if
      the stock gets there, by the third week in Oct. Good
      reason to expect the stock to go up. Next I want to sell
      my $48 shares with $55 calls, then I will set on the
      shares that brought me to this party, and hope for the

      HWYM seems to be traded out of by another
      big player. Low today was where I should have bought
      another 500 shares, but too busy with SBC. I don't
      remember the volumn, but the bid ask is steadly down. I'd
      hate to see another big player get out, they always
      seem to know in advance of bad news.

    • I think ya should make some more bids on SBC, ya
      helped some today. No need to tell me about .coms, those
      are the one I was telling you about buying at 20%
      discount and watching them go to 50%---oh

      Most all the communication stocks have been taking a
      beating over the last month.

      I think there is some
      more units to be gained in SBC, PacTel areas, those
      being in construction type vehicles and special
      services units, maybe mail, supply and building
      maintenance ones down the road, who knows.

      I know the
      feeling on buy low and goes lower.

      I hope ya make
      a big % retun on SBC and HWYM----if ya do it's a
      win-win for me. Good luck.

    • Sorry about the paper loses, but it is SBC, not
      PTX, with my paper loses, amoungst others. I think a
      sale now of covered 50's will help the stock some,
      since a bid lower than market didn't help, I got the
      stock so the run up afterwards wasn't cause of my low
      ball bid.

      BTW, my broker knows this. The
      market always reacts inversly to what I do. If I buy
      low, it goes lower, if I buy high, it goes lower, if I
      sell covered calls, the stock goes up and I loose the
      stock cheeply. I lost ORCL at $30 after a $23 purchase
      and lost HP at $70 after years of covered call sells
      higher than $70. but never thought it would take off as
      it has.

      After years in the market, I know
      everyone is against me, it is a plot to make me work the
      rest of my life. Even with three years of 30% profits,
      I sure am ticked that my most recent stuff has gone
      down. Think I will take a gun and shoot someone, or
      kick one of my dogs, which ever I think will get me
      the most news.:-)

      Tell your friends who call,
      at least they weren't in *.coms and they get a
      dividend while they wait some. Plus it is only money, and
      a good dog kick will get ya back to feeling

      BTW, my dogs are fat, lazy, and spoiled, like most
      kids. They probably deserve a kick, but I could never
      do it. That's just in case any one takes the above
      post as real.

    • Don't know about you, but AT&T and craft sure put
      a bunch of the employee's children through college.
      Might have just been a job, but it did more than pay
      the bills and gave the employees an opportunity to
      try to better their kids. As a kid of a "lifer" I
      don't know if I will have a better life than my dad,
      will have more money, but he sure enjoyed his job for

      As far as AT&T shares, had a couple of
      rich relatives, gave their money to others than
      family, charities. Long line of making it on your own in
      my family. Had an aunt though, who was thought of as
      just making it. She began buying a share or two of
      AT&T in the early 1900's and continued doing it during
      her life. She left the world pretty well off, too bad
      she didn't spend some of it on herself.

      luck to all.

    • Hey guy, I finally did something right. Forgot
      that I had a training class in the AM so didn't get my
      45 bid in until a bit later in the AM. With SBC down
      and thoughts about actually being able to buy it so
      cheep, I put my bid in at $45.50. From what I can see
      tonight, our internet was down in the afternoon at work, I
      picked up another 100 shares, and it rebonded nicely.

      Since it looks like I picked up another 100 shares, my
      low ball bid won't be there to pick the shares up.
      Next, I will sell 50 covereds on the shares, if the
      price can stay where it is, and that should take up up
      over 50 shortly. SBC, 45.5, unbelievable, but
      everything trades now.

    • did some good. SBC was up today.

    • Hurry and make that bid on SBC and maybe put in some lower if it will help. I can't handle all the calls from people asking what's going on. Paper losses building daily!

    • If you read the info on gb6340 on Yahoo, you will be reading about my oldest son Jesse. I must have clicked on his ID. I use Highwayman6340 where ever I post.

    • My first years with SBC (8) was when we were a
      part of AT&T. At that time it was not a job, it was a
      career. My mother retired from SBC, but has held onto her
      AT&T shares. AT&T, for years, was run by men who came
      up through the ranks, and they were proud of it. It
      was a good company to work for. Prior to the growth
      of 401Ks, they always said you will not get rich
      working at the phone company, but your job is going to be
      there, and it was.
      All the Ex AT&T types are coming
      from the wireless world.

    • Hey Hwym6340, ya are now posting on your other
      ID, I guess. Glad I only have one to track.

      all this blackberry stuff and tech. E-Mail would be
      great for truckers. They could write to people when
      they do their forced parking of rigs, and not use up a
      bunck of LD charges using the phone. Once you have a
      link, I expect data transmission is easy, especially if
      didgital, and a fast modem.

      In any case we are
      loosing track of HWYM, the stock. For almost a week it
      opened UP, and that was know the night before. Wish ya
      could sell it short, it went down after the open for a
      Now it is opening lower, maybe a brief uptick
      tomorrow, then a bit down.

      Last time I used that
      type of information I lost ORCL at 10 points less than
      they ran to, then bought back 20 points less than that
      and lost it after a 7 point move up. HWYM managed to
      hire some more exects that I don't know if they can
      afford, but they might not be able to aford not to hire
      them. Seems like an AT&T company with SBC as the main
      client. Anyone wondering why they get so many AT&T folk
      without getting sales from AT&T? Maybe we will hear
      something about that next quarter? If SBC is their main
      client, they sure are hiring a bunch from the

      I think Jan Bell might have a plan, and
      we might not be looking at everything on the table
      without considering what AT&T might do.

      Good luck
      to all, lets see where the new AT&T links lead to.

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