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  • hwyman6340 hwyman6340 Sep 9, 1999 7:58 PM Flag

    I called the FCC today about the SBC AI

    T merger. The staff report is in the
    commissioner's hands, and the vote could take place at any time.
    The vote is not on the agenda for 9-15, but they
    assured me they were trying to complete the vote by early
    fall. This deal is way overdue.

    I hope HWYM
    tailgates in with an AIT contract, but who knows.

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    • This might be my last time writing on this board.
      No matter what is said, last earnings announcement
      and recapitalization is not good.
      I have my ask
      out there at 1 9/16 and will get out of 60% at that
      price. If I don't get out of any, then I will sink with
      the ship. I will keep some just in case there is good
      news in the future, my 40%, if this one will get back
      up to the 1 9/16. Again this was gambling stock, I
      was fully aware that I could loss all I

      My interest now is REITS, they are just getting
      killed. I don't see another sector that is beat up so
      bad, and nice thing is, ya get a dividend. One I
      bought today pays almost 40% and of course they can't
      keep doing that but their FFO would indicate that they
      will have to next year. With the purchases I have done
      recently, I'd get near a 5% dividend return on my intire
      portfolio, and I've never done too much in that area in the
      past (income over capital gains).

      REITS now may
      offer, as the one I did today, a $17 book value, makes
      money with recent financials, this month, a PE of 14 or
      so, FFO that would keep a 40% dividend constant or
      near next year, and I got in at $5.75. Of course it
      has to be at risk, you don't buy book value of $17
      for $6 bucks, but there are a ton out there that
      apparently selling close to the same. I've spread over
      three, in three distinct sectors, so we will see how it

      I just can't find much to buy now, maybe Safeway
      tomorrow, maybe not. REITs seem to be the area to get into

      Good luck to all, I hope this one turns.

    • Mexican coverage for trailer tracking is a major
      need for U.S. shippers and carriers that operate into
      Mexico. Movement of components and end products to and
      from Mexican manufacturing plants. The trailers get
      handed off at the border. So, Mexican coverage is really
      necessary for domestic sales of Trackware.

      Most (if
      not all) of the companies that have invested in
      trailer tracking so far are U.S. based carriers that
      operate into Mexico.

    • Will have to quote some cause I don't know where
      some of your comments came from.

      I won't quote
      on the chapter 11, this one is big time headed that
      way. For holders though, do ya get out now, or take
      the risk that the books might be cooked some, yes it
      can happen, and there is value we can't see? I'll
      take that risk below my current get out price, cause
      of the risk rewards as I see them now. This one was
      always a dice toss.

      >That's what makes them
      interesting. I follow >them mostly out of morbid
      fascination and >intellectual curiosity.

      I have a
      problem with this statement. This stock isn't going to
      hurt me, but it will many.
      You have never given a
      great reason to get out cause ya hyped your view so
      much, just like a short would do. Good information in
      small doses might have saved some. Big players don't
      get hurt, the small ones will, and this one could
      hurt some, and has with past management.

      Mexico, if a company can't make a bottom line on domestic
      sales, what difference would doing international do,
      when Mexico is famous for not paying bills and ya have
      foreign exchange to deal with? The compition can have the
      Mexican market, cause this industry is too small to know
      much about a devalution of the peso that is cents on
      the prior valuation when oil crashes, or any number
      of political thoughts about the country and a second
      party making a break trough.

      Thanks for your
      information on the debt, I have another stock were I missed
      on that one and paying for it, that is real money
      though, not a dice toss like this one.

      Good luck
      to ya, hope ya bought some LU when it was under $60,
      wish I had had more money to put into that one.

    • I agree that most of the capital restructuring
      options I listed are not realistically viable, especially
      the placing of more debt. That's why I qualified them
      as being "hypothetical" possibilities. I was just
      trying to provide HighwayMan with a generalized answer
      to his general question about capital

      I'm not sure exactly what will happen. I believe they
      will go chapter 11, but don't know for sure. That's
      what makes them interesting. I follow them mostly out
      of morbid fascination and intellectual

      In regards to the comment about revenue not yet
      being recognized by Trackware's competitors , I believe
      this comment was in regards to large contracts being
      signed, but installs and subscriptions being slow to
      follow. I.E. no big rush to pay and get the benefits.
      I.E. The long sales cycle that Jana mentioned also
      being followed by a long install cycle before any
      revenues flow.

      Lack of Mexico coverage is going to
      make this even more of a challenge for HighwayMaster,
      because that is what has been generating the biggest
      demand for these types of systems.

    • You were maybe too kind, or really don't know as
      much as your normally do.

      >Equity infusion
      >Placing more
      >Being acquired
      >Asset sale and

      We are talking your favorite stock so "1" might be
      the case, but would not be announced as a restruture.
      Two is the best possiblity with a very large delution
      of current stockholder's equity. 3 can't be done! 4,
      maybe, but who wants the debt? 5, same as 4. Asset sale
      and disslution, how many managers do that when the
      stock is down and assets aren't worth the

      Come on guy, this one died with the last earnings. If
      my wife is right and there is a new "big" customer,
      then maybe a going concern and we can take heart on
      that. For right now, it doesn't look good, and I
      probably will get out of a majority of my shares.

      Ya won, we might have lost, depending on where we
      bought in at, and what we get out at.

      Good luck
      to all

    • Capital restructuring is not good for the short
      term, but I haven't read all notes. Based on the poor
      earning last quarter.

      Capital restructuring, with
      the debt level Sanderquick mentioned would probably
      highly delute the shares. It might take away some of the
      debt, but cents on the dollar. Just a thought on my
      part, but with the loss, I am worried again if this is
      a going concern for current stock holders.

      Capital restructuring, my guess, would be changing debt
      for equity, in this case. SBC, coming in with equity,
      cents on the dollar, and retire debt, as a possible.
      Just a guess though from your note.

      Stock has
      stayed strong, volumn down today. Might indicate last
      quarters earnings aren't what to look at right now. Volumn
      decrease bothers me some though. Heard from my wife that
      they have signed a large trucking company, but think
      that might be trailer tracking, and not new news, or a
      new customer.

      For me, looking at getting out
      for some shares, just don't know when. Had a $4 stock
      go to $5, then back off, today, so not into getting
      rid of stocks I might wait on. The oen today has a
      long history of making money though, no debt

      Good luck to all,

    • Hello Hwyman, haven't been here or heard from you
      in some time. I ran across this article while
      researching something else and I thought you'd all like to
      review it. Take care.

      Coming Out of the Dark

      Source: Journal of Commerce
      Publication date: Nov 08,

      For the first time in its seven-year history,
      transportation communications company HighwayMaster
      Communications is making money. It all started last year with
      the hiring of Chief Executive Officer Jana Bell who
      promptly revamped the company, brought on new people and
      reduced costs.

      The first evidence of the
      company's turnaround came in February when it announced
      profitable results for 1998 and the fourth quarter. In
      August, the company announced that its second quarter
      also was profitable. Now, said Todd Felker, senior
      vice president of sales and marketing for
      HighwayMaster, the company is more focused, infrastructure has
      been built and a new management team has been brought
      in by Bell.

      Best of Investing to you


    • They need to find a way to restructure the debt,
      because they don't generate enough cashflow to make the
      interest payments , much less to pay it off.

      Although many on this board don't seem to accept that a
      restructuring will be necessary, HighwayMaster management even
      admits it. Some of the theoretical possibilities

      Bankruptcy restructuring
      Equity infusion
      Placing more
      Being acquired
      Asset sale and

      There were a lot more questions this time than last
      time, which I found interesting. I didn't recognize any
      "big players".

    • Jana and Mike talked around Captitol restructure. What do they mean? And were there some new players (big players) asking questions on this call?

    • From the conference call. ATI and Trackware will
      be coming into play after New Years. They evidently
      have some customers in trials with Trackware, and
      expect to do an AIT deal, but it will be a little later.
      I was pleased to hear Jana hint at Rail trials. I
      say hint because I didn't think her answer was
      definite enough. Overall I am pleased with the results,
      but impatient for news.

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