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  • Vegas_GrandPa Vegas_GrandPa Feb 16, 2000 7:56 PM Flag

    short got balls

    Todays volume was third highest in last 12
    months. I didn't check farther back than that.

    need a 2 million volume day to truly get the breakout
    to 12 again. This would also provide another level
    of support.

    Heavy stuff always seems to be in
    the morning.

    Heres hoping for a good morning

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    • HighwayMaster still needs to restructure some
      time soon. Anyone who looks at the numbers can see
      this, and Mike Smith has been open about it. The
      balance sheet is highly leveraged and the interest
      payments on the debt are $1M per month.

      The sooner
      the restructure the better, because the closer to
      cash run out, the worse the terms.

      Stock price
      is very important, because if the stock keeps
      running (especially above SBC's $14 conversion point),
      HighwayMaster might be able to private place common stock,
      convertible preferred stock, or convertible debt and use it
      to reduce the high-yield debt load.

      a strong stock price, HighwayMaster will have a
      hard time raising any new money at reasonable terms
      due to the debt load risk.

      So, keep it going
      up, and there will be a double benefit: the
      fundamentals will get better after restructuring, helping the
      stock keep going further despite the dilution.

      When the debt load is no longer a threat, only
      strength will be left.

      • 2 Replies to trailergenius
      • In the recent past some one talked about DART
        testing HWYM ----I guess it didn't go to well cause QCOM
        got the contract.

        NOT GOOD AT ALL: see
        belowQUALCOMM's OmniTRACS Mobile Information Management System
        Selected by Dart Transit Company
        - Dart Transit to
        Purchase 1,000 OmniTRACS Units -
        SAN DIEGO, Feb. 16
        /PRNewswire/ -- QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM - news),
        leader in providing wireless data solutions, today
        announced that St. Paul, Minn.-based Dart Transit Company
        has selected QUALCOMM's OmniTRACS� satellite-based
        mobile information management system for its fleet.
        Under the terms of the agreement, Dart Transit will
        purchase 1,000 OmniTRACS units.

        ``Our company
        relies heavily on mobile communications,'' stated David
        Oren, executive vice president for Dart Transit
        Company. ``After testing and using satellite and
        land-based communications systems, we chose QUALCOMM's
        OmniTRACS because of its long record of industry stability
        and product reliability. QUALCOMM's success in the
        mobile communications industry has proven that it is the
        premier solution in fleet management.''

        competition in this industry increases, companies such as
        Dart Transit must have the ability to provide quality,
        flexible service to its customers,'' stated George Dunn,
        vice president of domestic sales for QUALCOMM Wireless
        Business Solutions. ``In turn, mobile communications
        providers must have the ability to meet heavy demands and
        provide reliable products and services. With 12 years'
        experience in offering fleet management solutions to the
        transportation industry, we welcome Dart Transit to our list of
        customers and look forward to providing them with the
        quality of service they demand.''

      • Convertible Debt or preferred in any upcoming
        financing. Have been in high potential stocks which used
        convertible debt to reduce current interest rate and in
        effect issue new stock at a higher conversion price
        later on (Real Smart, Huh???) So what really happens --
        the buyers (often private placement of the
        convertible debt or preferred) do a fancy short hedge where
        they lock in the interest rate and by hedging reduce
        their exposure to price changes dramatically. This
        results in a safe haven for "SNIPER" covered shorts and
        really creates a lousy downside pressure on the stock.
        Then it takes LOOONG STROOONG news to ever shake out
        these hedged shorts.

        If anyone here speaks to
        JANA and VP-Finance please alert them to avoid this
        tempting trap of issuing convertibles to reduce interest
        load. It just Ain't the way to go for a stock where
        shareholders want to make money on share appreciation, not
        future dividend streams like some utility.

        to de wise.....

        GO HWYM -- You can easily
        more than double in the year 2000.