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  • ghostridr772 ghostridr772 Apr 10, 2007 1:29 AM Flag

    Kenny David = Emperor AXR bagholder

    Hey kennyboy,

    Keep trying to pump this thing as it crevices into the $60s,$50s,$40s,$30s... Your bag must be ready to explode soon. LOL

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    • ow!, it is so fun to check up on you guys. same ol same ol, huh? shorts talking shit with no facts. longs saying it all, as i'm about to. goldman sacs buying up the dumb shits that sell theirs. amrep execs dancing naked on tables seeing into the future. gotta laugh. news papers on sunday taliked about the screaming numbers increase in the albuquerque metro area. it's a micro-economy fellas. tried to tell you. the best part is that..and get rancho, used to account for only 10% of growth in the metro area. now? now guess what. despite growth for the entire area going through the roof,..last year, drum roll rancho, the town, er a, city that amrep fouded and continues to build now accounts for 28% of growth. whew!

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      • Keep the faith Kenny.
        I was told by so many people look at now.
        But was taught by the Singaporeans-THE FUTURE IS NOW.
        Rio Rancho, is fine and will continue to grow regardless of what the slammers say. It is very cheap compared to Albequerqe, and AXR is in a fine position to profit from it.

        Three years ago I bought MVCO , because of all the Vegas Growth.
        A clean double.
        years ago I bought NZ-New Mexico Arizona Land. A clean ten bagger.
        Bought HUM and made 600%
        Bought CMC made 1600%

        It is long term investors that make money and lots of it, and it cushions us all fromt he mistake we make .

        The LAND is an ASSET, and will be fully capitalized, IMHO

    • i feel like i might owe some big time apologize to fletch. may have felt like you where dupping me. kind of substantiated it, but not fully. sory for what i said. would be a trip to see dndn go rocket. back to the movie. my tomatata plants had to be moved indoors because of wind. considering growing coffe/wine. they both take, as far as i've surmissd, three, four years to produce.

    • what!?, so nobody wants to talk abaout my big dick? how disqusting of you all's. it was, after all, my dick, that mushroomed out, big time, upon my arrivel here upon rio rancho; so big that i had to check into prespeterian hospital for a week, for tests, only to go onto there into new orleans while huricane rita visitited us, for an animal rescue, -and this ain't no blackwater militia thing that maybe i should have been a part of- only to have the most severe ramifications of things that can affect a human happen,..those on pareallel of chemo, jimho. thank short shit talk for allowing me to blend in with story of my life.

    • o.k., here's the skinny. just came from my home owner association meeting. when i first came to rio, about three years ago, my develpopment was 800 homes. tonight they said it has grown to 3,200 homes. rio is scatered with these types of developments. they are all accelerating in growth, and will eventually all connect. the commercial development for my area, the new elementary school....if you lived out here, you would know i could write about this all night. suffice it to say, this one lady i met at the meeting told me that she and her husband bought in september, -1700sq. ft. for 178k. it's gone up 30k since then. good night.

    • about the land data of yesterday,..i'm not sure where there might be any land left at 20k per half acre. i don't invest there anymore, but i think here might be some, maybe west of units 1-6. amrep would know as they are gobbling it up out there in preperation for further expansion. yesterday, before logging here what i did, i went to the county clerks office because of a parcel thart i forgot i had, to make sure the taxes were up to date, and i was surprised that no new assesments were put on it. i'm still being taxed on it at under two grand. that's really cool, because i did a price check of surrounding comparable listings, and they are going for 40k minimum. that is really cool.

    • fletch, those picks have got to be the most bogus attempts at trying to screw someone that i have ever seen. thank-you for posting them on walls dump site, as that's where they are appropiate. i have gained noteriety! the shorts/distorts be running scared! running stupid!

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