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  • needcommonsense needcommonsense Sep 20, 2007 12:58 AM Flag


    this AXR reversal of fortune reminds me of all those busts...


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    • Mr. Needcommons: The axr comparison to the dot com. bust is a bit weak. Axr has earnings, a dividend, real (paid for) assets and no cash burn rate. Those dot com. companies were living off the money from their public offerings.

      The real estate in Rio Rancho will not decline in value. In fact it will probably continue to get pricier because of growth demand. AXR,s sales may slow some for a while but they'll continue to make a bundle on each acre they sell.

      Kable Media news??? This kind of Company will always make money if they get other Companies to where they want to go. Kable can do the job cheaper and better than a Company setting up there own infrastructure. IMHO.

      We'll see 50 again and it will be a lot sooner than the many skeptics think. Amrep will continue to buy in shares at these cheap prices and the Company will be owned by fewer outstading shares. Usually a very good sign for a stock price going forward.

      Why not jump onboard. Help the cause and enjoy the next ride up.

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      • moose, all good pts, but what about the horrible use of capital here? company badly misread the meltdown in RE, buying its stock at what now look like overvalued prices, and the purchase to expand kable also looks badly overvalued - also I think the kable business may be in the midst of a very gradual decline as more magazine readers use the internet -

        the returns to shareholders would have been better, I think, if they had simply put the cash in corporate bonds, or a mixed investment portfolio - or if they bought a business with longer term secular growth dynamics - or if they'd expanded the RE holdings on the cheap, or if they'd held out for a better price on the Palm Coast acquisition.

        anyway, I agree the stock is cheap here, don't think $50 is a stretch at all, I just hate to tie my fortunes to managers who play a little loose with shareholder money - if you look at the mgt team they may be more focused on retirement than on what's next for the co.

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