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  • JWVLG JWVLG Mar 19, 2002 3:54 PM Flag

    Ever feel Corporate America has stolen

    your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yep. And when the average person realizes just how legal it is to steal the stockholders money, they are going to cry like a baby. Look at KM. President leaves after driving the company to BK. But not until the board rewards him with 6.+ million dollars for doing a good job. Look at Enron, Gobal Crossing( There's a good one. DNC chairman made how many million on a 100 thousand dollar investment right before BK. And the Crooks in Washington are investigating Enron. What a joke. I've been saying for 4 years now the corporate executives were raping the stockholders in broad open daylight. Hand picking their boards and lining their pockets also. I've always known when a corporate chief can make or lose a billion dollars plus in one day because of the stock price moving up or down, something is way out of control. Larry Ellison at ORCL comes to mind. If they control that much stock, how can the average investor have any input. We don't. But stocks in the 90's were going up and up and who was watching the store?? No one. Now Congress says they will look into the matter. LOL Who's watching Congress?? Good Luck for I fear there is more to come. If the investor loses faith in the capital system(and they will when their money is gone), then all hell is going to break loose. BTW, yea I'm an investor but my SL's are much tighter now.
    Good Luck to all Longs on LU and tech in general, but the la la land of the tech boom is over. All IMO of course

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