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  • pmcmurrell pmcmurrell May 9, 2002 7:32 AM Flag


    Jesus might not do anything to aid the price of Lucent, but he might do something for you.

    For one thing, you could get the facts straight
    about Moses. Ramses II had NOTHING TO DO WITH
    MOSES. See

    Incidentally, Akenaten preceded Ramses II by
    over 100 years. Akenaten lived in the time of
    King David, and that was hundreds of years after Moses.

    Here is a tip. The Bible says "Do all things decently and by arrangement." I would note that this is a message board on Lucent [LU].
    I would only suggest that you preach about
    Jesus MORE ACCURATELY and perhaps somewhere else. But, don't stop. DO NOT STOP!