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  • wjustinc wjustinc Jun 26, 2003 11:47 AM Flag

    some ideas about FLEX

    I made about $600 dollors by trading FLEX in two days, but I didn't know what FLEX is, I just based my trading on the stock trend, after I did some research on it, I prepare to hold it long, there are three simple facts here: 1: if you look at the historical price, it means it has a potentially strong recover, 2: For the fiscal year ended 3/31/03, revenue increases and loss narrows, 3: its headerquater is in Singapore.

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    • Yeah, I hear that there is no SEC watching
      FLEX, because it is hdq. in Singapore.

      They have a better system (I hear). No jail terms for malfeaseance or exploitation. They take you before a judge and you get your balls cut off by a Chinese babe who dips them in flour, fries them on the streets, and gobbles them up before laughing, drunk youth.

      Now that is a deterrent! Hahaha.