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  • smart_investor67 smart_investor67 Aug 6, 2003 5:01 PM Flag

    Motley Fool on Short Squeezes

    It made a difference for me. I am covering my short now :-))

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    • Ah, so you're the one!

      Since you have confirmed you were a short, but have now "seen the light," perhaps you can confirm some of looking_upwards posts. Did you:
      1. Lose all your trailer's rent money on your short position? Was it a single wide or a double wide?
      2. Lay awake nights worrying whether you were going to cover the next morning?
      3. Stay up all night bashing Lu on this board to scare all the longs who were peacefully sleeping? If so, would you please explain how bashing a stock in the middle of the night on a computer would scare somebody who is asleep and not reading what you're writing? I don't understand your logic.
      4. Hand your money over to day traders each day as they pumped this stock? If so, if I become a day trader would you hand your money over to me?
      5. Get caught in the daily short squeezes that looking_upward has seen the last few days? As LU rocketed to a two cent gain on extremely low volume were you caught in the grips of panic? Did you suffer from cold sweats?

      Thanks, we'll all appreciate your insight. Up until now we thought we just had a goofy pumper with red pompoms, but you can confirm some of what he has been teaching us.