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  • prognosticatorchief prognosticatorchief Dec 5, 2003 9:17 PM Flag

    Reverse Split

    I don't think most posters really understand what a reverse split means to the stock holder.
    On the day of the reverse split, dollar value of one's stock is the same. Let's say, on the day of the reverse split (1 for 30), you own 3,000 shares @ $3/share, this 3,000 shares has a value of $9,000. As soon as the stock reverse splits (1-30) you now have 100 shares but the value of each share is $90/share. 100 shares at $90/share is $9000. Your worth/investment is the same as before the split.
    You do not lose any money, only the number of shares that you own.
    Is a reverse split good, I don't know. I am not in favor of a reverse split with the price per share above $1/share.

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    • You take a look a "LOR". If they did planned on R/S this stock would move to under $1.00.

      This is such a fu--k market...LU "only" need for.... insurances.!!!!

      The bonus is telling the market we are going to move up soon. No one it there right mine would
      hand out any �bonus� to the working class "i.e. union" if it was about to go under....the CEO would
      be nail to the cross, and butt fu�k in open court.

      Long Term Strong Buy

    • I don't know about you, but I went through a reversw split and I LOSE a few thousand. Ionly wish it works the way you explained it, but it doesn't. I had over 1100 shs of a stock and the reverse split was 30/1. My stock today, after the split was worth about $30.00. That taking it in the shorts.

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