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  • tall1944 tall1944 May 26, 2006 4:54 PM Flag


    Hey, I had my entire healthcare premium paid in full by the company for 43 years, if I have to pay around $60.00 a month now I figure I'm still thousands of dollars ahead. Let's hope that you saved those thousands of dollars? You will need them to pay for future
    Health benifits. Are you on a Lu pension now? If you are and coming close to Medicare check out different supplimental Insurance that is better than Lucents. What location did you work when it was Western Electric?

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    • The company retired me from AT&T in 1990. Northwestern Bell before that. I took a buyout. I hit medicare last year. Didn't save all those thousands and lost all of the considerable thousands I had in my 401K. Not smart enough to get it out of the LU stock before the meltdown. Who knew.

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      • Yes a lot lost from big time to just a little and your right who knew. Management was praising how the company would come back as the stock was declining. It went down fast and caught a lot of good folks in the pocket. Hope things workout if the merger goes through but I don't trust Patty Russo to look after the retirees, they are a burden to her bottom line. Have very slim hopes that our government will do anything right for retirees in the USA. The officials are only looking after their own government pension to make it better and how they can screw the working people into contributing more to SS. We have a bunch of losers and crooks in government.