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  • biiig_ears biiig_ears Aug 17, 2008 9:58 AM Flag

    Obama would be Banned if he were white

    If Obama was a white male making these kinds of comments about black people his career as a politician would be finished over night.
    But somewhere down the line there were blacks in this country (not him or anyone he or his runnaway father ever even heard of) that were sold to whites as slaves by other blacks. So Liberals think this black racist should be given a free pass on anything he may say, and any friends and associates he may have that are crooks or belong to terrorist and radical racist organizations. The funny thing is then these liberal supporters of his wonder why the rest of the country questions their patriotism and motives.
    Liberals have scraped up as much evidence as they could over two presidential terms to justify calling Bush an Idiot. Meanwhile just during the short time of running for office, Obama has blow the top off the idiot meter over and over again. He has constantly spewed so much misinformation void of facts from his single bomb dropped on Pearl Harbor, to the U.S. only having 57 states. What does this mean? that deep down inside Liberals want to be led by an Idiot that has a wife resembling Aunt Esther?

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