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  • becarefulwhatyoupay becarefulwhatyoupay May 22, 2012 7:47 PM Flag

    What stops CISCO from buyng this?

    ALU revenues are about $19 billion.
    At $1.50 per share ALU current market cap is about $3.5 billion.
    I doubt shareowners would agree to be bought out at $1.50 per share.
    There would have to be a premium price above ALU's current market price.
    I agree with you that CSCO($45 billion annual revenues company) could use $19 billion in new revenues. And CSCO could probably make use of some ALU technology.
    But if CSCO is interetsed to buy ALU, and at what price, I have no idea. Seems like "hostile takeovers" are very rare or even non existant these days.