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  • jeanwekillstoxx jeanwekillstoxx Jun 3, 2012 12:26 PM Flag

    Tradestoxx the Paid Pumper

    Folks, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls this is the investment holdings of a paid pumper.
    EK - bankrupt
    ETFC - $16.50 to $8.05
    AVNR - $5.70 to $2.82 (HE HAS A $250 PRICE TARGET)
    ALU - $2.39 to $1.49
    BPAX - $2.03 to $0.38
    DANG - $8.32 to $4.44

    Tradestoxx goes from message board to message board pumping stocks and if you notice he always starts pumping them at their highs and the whole time they are dropping. He hasn't picked a winner yet but these are the ones you can find numerous links on the AVNR message board about these number one holdings of his.

    Just ask yourself how much someone gets paid to type those long winded posts of his that are 10% truth and 90% twist the numbers. Tradestoxx works out of a hedge fund in Arizona. They traced his IP address there. Since he only posts about stocks that are declining we figure he is a pawn so hedge funds can unwind their positions as he is pumping.

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    • What hedge fund would pay someone to write posts on a Yahoo message board that reaches maybe a dozen small time investors in a stock that trades 22 million shares a day in America and probably a similar number in France? If everyone of us here bought or sold all of our shares at once, it would have absolutely no affect on the stock price. Not even Jean Monty's 1 million share purchase had any impact. But if you say such jobs exist, where does one apply to be come a "paid pumper?"

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