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  • wh00_123 wh00_123 Aug 30, 2012 12:20 PM Flag

    my opinion...

    I have a long watchlist, and everything on it but mercadolibre is red today, including stocks the analysts love.

    here and there you find analysts who think ALU is a possible goldmine. when the debt was the same but the stock price much higher, there was talk of the company being a takeover target. why would that be so much less true when the price is dirt cheap. bell labs alone should be in someone's crosshairs. ALU was named on MIT's '50 most innovative companies' list this year, right up there with apple. granted, speculation of a takeover is no reason to hold a stock. just sayin'.

    this company has a lot going for it, and it may take longer than some are prepared to wait. some stocks I trade for short term profit. on this one, I'm in it for the long haul. even ford and sprint stock has seen the $1 and change level.

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    • The viewpts. from Motley Fool and Alpha are implying bancruptcy, just an extension of the rapid decline of American manufacturing. With Alu gone, that would just be a footnote in this current historic internationalization of manufacturing. The only hope for anybody else buying Alu would be if they could dump the Union contracts and lessen the benefits to the employees. That is not going to happen. I actually think that Alu is going to do just fine. They are going to continue to be a player in the international networking infrastructure evolution. We hear all the hollering for a renewal and buildout of the world's infrastructure, yet look on placidly at this possible bankruptcy of our own manufacturing engenuity. No, if Alu fails, it will be nationalized by the French and USA governments. And that will be a difficult task. Congress will have a say in what happens to Lucent/Bell Labs. Then Congress won't want to run what remains of Lucent. The biggest plum in the whole pie is the American Lucent Pension Fund. The USA government Pension Guaranty Fund I imagine would love to get ahold of Lucent's $16Billion pension fund. That would ruin the pension prospects for the future employees of any future American Lucent manufacturing. There go the benefits for employees. That is the picture you guys and Seeking Alpha are painting. Let's be a little bit more optimistic!

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      • Just read last night the statements coming out of France about the Hollande government and the prospects for private companies in view of what the Socialists in their legislature are doing to the country. On the other hand, they will have to give support to Alcatel/Lucent through their ownership of the French telephone companies and whatever influence they can further put on the American telecom industry. The only alternative as I have said is the Nationalization of ALU by the French and USA. I would vote on the side of the governments pre-empting the latter prospect by them putting pressure on their respective telecom industries. So hopefully Hollande's programs and recession in Europe won't kill off Alu.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • who:alu could possibly be a long hold.with the right economy and the right management team...alu could get back up there.either way,it's going to take time...don't know if most folks here are willing to wait that long. geo1

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