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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 Nov 19, 2012 9:53 PM Flag

    Network TEST....

    major carrier:
    East cost location...
    population center of around 100 k people
    Test time: 9:45pm

    Prime time hours for internet usage...

    Ping Time (latency test) 595ms (horrible)
    Download speeds : 61kbps (disgusting)
    Upload speeds: 19kbps (unbelievable)

    The test had to be ran 3 times to get the above results.
    Test one..had network communication error on the download side..meaning it was 0k speeds
    Test two completed the download test but couldn't connect to get an upload test done.

    "network communication errors"...

    What's it mean? So many people are hammering this it's being brought down to the 1994 version of the internet. all that is missing is the dialing in hissing sound of your new US Robotics modem.

    Call quality: degraded
    You tube...won't load ....constant buffering issues
    simple web pages...slow loading.

    One can only wonder..what's it look like with 40 more million iphones under the tree this christmas?

    Ladies and Gentlemen..I know my subject. I know my # 1 positions....intimitely.
    And i can tell you this....

    There are carriers executives out there sitting in their board rooms with sweat dripping down their foreheads.

    This can only be called a nuclear core meltdown now in progress.


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    • This has nothing to do with ALU!
      I am an investor with 500K and have lost 0.00!
      People, learn to invest, not be lead by paid pumpers like the above guy!


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      • 1 Reply to meredithmuar
      • Here is something very relevant you can chew on!

        Spectrum shortages are occurring globally as the 4G LTE networks are being deployed while legacy networks (GSM, CDMA) will continue to operate for years to come. Smaller operators are consolidating to rationalize their limited spectrum while larger carriers such as AT&T and Verizon are offering various plans such as Family Plans and Data Plans to combat spectrum shortages through rationing.

        The transitioning to LTE are forcing carriers and operators to deploy small cells as "the" central aspect to their wireless network infrastructure which now gives them the ability to squeeze a lot more capacity out of their limited spectrum. The worldwide proliferation of LTE in 2013 will tremendously benefit small cells products such as the ones from ALU.

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