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  • dfwetr23765 dfwetr23765 Nov 20, 2012 7:05 PM Flag

    this is the beginning of the end

    meredith i've noticed u tend to be a very negative kind of short
    i wanted to share that i'm not a short, just sincerely believe this stock is messed-up big time by an incompetent management team
    their execution is awful, timing is the same, poor union management, poor strategy, etc

    besides throwing away the management and starting with a clean slate don't see another way to kick-start this mummy
    sales is not an option as nobody will pay so much on them when they have the huge union issues

    so bankruptcy could be the easy way out
    they will probably ease into it slowly to get the longs used to the idea (remember the frog boiling experiment by slowly increasing the temperature? :)

    well.. please contradict me here but that's the way i see alu going : DOWN