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  • leonmcmoneey leonmcmoneey Feb 1, 2013 7:44 AM Flag

    simple question: do you believe $2 will be achieved before or after earnings?

    If you answer "before": how soon before?

    If you answer "after": how much above $2 will this stock go?

    If you simply answer "yes": (first off, cheers for cleverness, and) how long until we see the first pullback?

    If you simply answer "no": (then) complete the following -- 'you can take horse to the water ________"

    good luck,
    d-day is here.
    ..the money-mic

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    • ALU will travel into the $1.90's....then the obvious news will take out every stop loss...along with the "sell the news gang ". Afterwards analyst's and bloggers will digest everything and probably throw some positives at it ....some sensationalistic and very few realistic . So , in the end , only real factual improvements will move it up again .

    • Question $$$$$ willez price surpass apple's highez likeez counting stars or endless sailing bets away peace

    • Simple question. Do you believe you will some day die? If so, when will you die?
      If you do not believe you will die, how much longer will I have to see the questions you post posted as fair and superior questions?

      • 1 Reply to mpeppy
      • I'll reply with this observation:

        .... you can take a donkey to the water, but you'll still have an a.$.$.

        .......... congratulations, peppy. next step is to let go of the anger and go long. your #$%$ already got served to you for playing it the wrong way, so don't let stubbornness do you in. There is still time!!!

        Good luck to you and to all,

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    • new.begining Feb 1, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

      The answer is "YES" after the announcement.
      However, the profit taking and short trader is taking the opportunity to do profit taking.....
      in My opinion :
      - enter below 1.7
      - hold on when it is being test on 1.8.
      - It will steady in level 1.9.

      1Q, it will be traded in 1.8 - 2 dollar before it's goes to 3 by end of this year.

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