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  • geoiguy1 Feb 1, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    Couldn't take it any longer...I'm all in now

    I see ALU has took a turn for the better finally and can't understand for the life of me why anybody wouldn't have ALU in their portfolio. This is a monster stock just getting primed to explode! I'm All In Now....Go Alcatel...$2s are here next week & watch her climb.

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    • You scare me! You probably the longest bear and the last hold out. Just wonder too much optimism in the air ???

    • $2.14 by 2-14-2013

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    • Yes , it seems AlU has nothing but news and media sentiment metamorphosing into the company to own going forward .

    • Good move, but be careful on Wednesday. 50/50 if it is going to be a mad rush to get in or a massive sell-off. This sell-off scenario could possibly happen on Tuesday, and if it does, Wednesday will be another big boom day.

      However it will be going up regardless and will reach at least 1.81 for Thursday's open. If Monday closes at or above 1.81, this stock will be going big above that on Tuesday or Wednesday.

      If there is good news from earnings, this stock will be above $2 by the end of next week. At that point, we'll be in a new "era" and the stock from a day to day basis will be following a radically different routine.

      stay strong, stay long.$$$

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      • Much of what you say is true...with a surprise upside in Q4, and good, believable guidance, the stock could hit 2 next week.

        But "the radically different routine" part seems a bit premature. Q1 and Q2 will not be profitable, or even close to profitable, and there will be cash the best that can be reasonably be expected in the 1H 2013 restructuring effort is losses that are smaller than consensus...which is hardly radical.

        The first real opportunity that ALU has to show that the restructuring is working is 3Q. So for about 6 months or so, without some major announcement(s), ALU's routine will pretty much stay the same.

    • Well I'll be, you finally came to you since's Geo, Welcome aboard!..Now just sit back & watch the pot of gold take place..

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