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  • buddhazenpeace buddhazenpeace Feb 13, 2013 8:00 PM Flag

    Twilight did not sell at 91 cts or at $1.80

    So , he is holding his Long Position,,,,for a Better Return,,,,he like
    the rest of you believes in his Heart and in his Pocket that ALU will
    go much higher......Remember Dribble is not limited to the NBA

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    • What is the point of this? So what if he is holding a position? Why is it bad that he gives the side of the argument? Isn't it better to have more information? What benefit do you gain from only hearing peoples opinions that tell you how right you are?

      This message board feels like a church sometimes. If you even suggest the consensus opinion may be wrong you are evil and ostracized.

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      • brew,

        There is ZERO advantage to lying to myself or others about ALU's predicament, especially when doing so would result in no financial advantage....since what is posted here means nothing to price of the stock.

        As I am unfortunately long, and also unfortunately currently out of the money, I most certainly hope that all the negative news on ALU does not signal a dire outcome for the company.

        Still, though it all, and as I have posted probably more than a dozen times, I remain slightly optimistic that ALU will turn it around. But I admit that is not saying much. There is too much smoke at ALU for there to not be a serious fire. So like many in the press suggest, the risk of owning ALU is substantial....even as the reward, if they pull it off, might be very great.

        I, for one, believe that even an ALU that fails to execute on the turnaround, is still worth considerably more than $1.60.

        So there is no reason to sell at this juncture. It is better to wait to see what happens when the smoke clears.

      • Except for that every one of his postings has always been negative with exaggerated negative spins attached while any positives on ALU have been intentionally downplayed, meaning being disingenuous. If you don’t believe me, go and check out his very first posting back in Sept 5, 2012.

        People start posting their comments when they start having positions whether they are “long” or “short”. Their views always reflect their objective. If Rumors believes ALU is worthless at 90 cents then why won’t he close off his position at $1.80 and just move on.

        Most people will take the first opportunity to leave when they are convinced that their objective has not been met but Rumors stays on to bash regardless of share price even when it is rising. To disarm his critics all Rumors has to say that he is “long” and just like sheeples many here continue to give him the benefit of the doubt repeatedly.

    • Why didn't he sell if he feels ALU is going to continue doing badly

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      • That is an easy question that I have answered several times.

        I believe, on balance, maybe, ALU will make this restructuring work and will succeed in turning the company around. At $1.63, I am currently out of the money. However, if I am correct, I will profit handsomely. So I continue to hold the stock, and still, from time to time, buy more.

        And I wouldn't sell the stock for cause, even if I thought the restructuring might fail. This is because I am confident that through whatever means, either selling the company as a whole or selling it in parts, the resulting price per share will be significantly higher than $1.63. In this scenario, it is even conceivable that I might recover all of my current investment. Maybe.

        So, literally, I am sort of stuck in no man's land. I am confident that I can get a better price per share than $1.63 should the company succeed, and I am confident that I can get a better price per share than $1.63 should the company fail.

        Finally, I post what I believe to be true because I know it means nothing to the share price.

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