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  • frankenstocken frankenstocken Mar 23, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    reaaly can you beleive any analyst's opinion or is a roll of he dice

    you goldman downgrade juniper and cisco and zacks has juniper and cisco as a buy , fbr has a downgrade on both juniper and cisco , mkm partners likes optical with infinera and ciena and goldman like infinera and ciena and investors business daily is bullish on the whole wireless telecom sector .. alu provides the best end to end solution for wireless 4g lte .. att is the fastest network .. and at a price of .2 times sales as opposed to its rivals . and with a new ceo know as a cost cutter . with att and vz and china mobile capx due to rise , with 1.2 billion in cost cuts about halfway done and more probably coming from the new ceo , more managed service contracts that are profitable or suppose to be , the bottom on undersea reversed the bottom on europe still looking for a rebound , nsn not going to see whaqt its going to be at the end of the year i dont see any sweat or time or thought being lost to accumulate more and let it ride out.. if so lets the downside problems ? the 7950 xrs and 7750 are both top of the food chain 400g optical up and running , vdsl2 the leader, lightradio is the best solution with built in backhaul .. i just dont see peoples worry on a 1.40 stock with 19 billion in revenues and a strong demand for product by telecoms needing to turn a profit
    they got the message and know how to execute or the new ceo will toss them under the bus

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    • an analyst's opinion is just that -- an OPINION. that's why they run the gamut. you just have to listen to everyone and then do what you want. the corollary is that you're not allowed to gripe incessantly when things don't turn out the way you want them to.

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      • do you think they draw straws as to who has the negative take and who has the positive take? I think its all rigged anyways against the individual investor .. we take business away from the entities they work for and don't want the appearance that is easier than you think .. since the pc and internet have come online since 2000 the dow and nasdaq has risen how much ? due to the fact the information is more widely available for the individual to make there own choices for investing instead of relying on someone elses opinion in which for a given stock their might be 10- 100 opinions by paid highly educated ( you hope ) professionals that are suppose to know what they are doing and not to have a hidden agenda .. now sift through that and make your own decision on your own accumulated financial facts and news to make your picks and live with them .
        boy that was rather long winded

      • I spell like anstod

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