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  • buddhazenpeace buddhazenpeace Apr 26, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    ALU lost 353 Million euros,,,worst than last year

    How will this be turned around ???????We need huge changes that are immediate.....we need to lay of 12,000 employees NOW.....I dont see any improvement from last year,,,zilch,,,and Nothing Combes has said is encouraging...Please Enighten me....

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    • Three times, 36000 needed to be cut. VDSL and fiber don't need that many engineers to develop, network business needs to cut down to router business's revenue/staff ratio level. The whole multi year money losing service business needs to go. And all this needs to happen quickly. Fire the CFO right away. Any CFO in other companies would have told CEO long time ago the company has to stop cash bleeding.

    • Mr. Combes didn't have to say nothing to me. His looks tells it all. Thanks for taking the reins MC.

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      • I'm glad he looked good, because I only read the transcript, and he said next to nothing. Paul ran the show. Nothing against Paul, but I wish Michel had done more to make it known that he is in charge, and he already has lots of ideas even if it is too soon to finalize and announce them. He gets a pas this time because last quarter was not on his watch, and he is riding a tide of "anyone but Ben" good will, but by next quarter, no one is going to remember who Ben was, and the Street is going to want him to either show us the money, or at least a very good, new, creative plan.

    • I agree with you. I bought at €1.06 and sold all my position in the open market above €1.10.
      This report has been horrible and I will wait to June to know the new CEOs plan.
      I thought that it opened under 1 euro but I could sell with a profit. AMAZING!!

      Good luck to all longs. Your will need it.

      Sentiment: Sell

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