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  • cj_observer cj_observer Jul 19, 2013 11:27 PM Flag

    ALU R&D France Contributions

    For those who have been wondering of what ALU R&D France contributes,

    “Global telecoms giant Alcatel-Lucent is claiming the new world record for pushing data down a fibre cable. It claims it has transmitted data at 31Tbps over a single long-haul 7200km optical fibre cable.

    The experiment was carried out at by the firms R&D focused Bell Labs division on the Innovation City campus in Villarceaux.” -Techeye Net

    In Feb 2013,

    "France Telecom-Orange and Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext and NYSE: ALU) today announced the deployment of the world’s first optical link offering a capacity of 400 Gigabits per second (Gbps) per wavelength in a live network. Following a successful field trial, a 400 Gbps wavelength optical link is now operational between Paris and Lyon. " -Orange

    It seems to me the ALU R&D France is heading the research in the area of optics and photonics while the US R&D's focus is on IP.

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    • With 5,000 people on the R&D staff, they must be pushing that data down the cable by hand. I recall Ben bragging about how the crew that created the core router had something like just 20 people working on it. Somehow, 5,000 French workers under one roof does not sound like a situation conducive to efficient work. But perhaps why the market is up is that Michel has an offer to buy optics which will take out our debt while transferring French R&D to the new owners. We can dream.

    • I read an article recently where Huawei said that the focus of their R&D was reflected, or even described by, the stated needs of their customers....a really clean, common sense approach.

      Under Russo, in old articles about Ben taking over the company, Bell Labs was sometimes characterized as a "science fair", poorly focused, and wasteful. Under Ben, that undoubtedly improved...FAR LESS spent on legacy technologies...FAR MORE on new technologies. And Michel...he needs to go a step further....and geographically concentrating type R&D, if that is what is happening, seems a good way to exact greater synergy from R&D dollars spent.

      We will see what happens in just a few days. But at this point, the vibes (yeah, not scientific) coming from a Michel run ALU seem much more professional and focused, assuming his actual day-to-day leadership is reflected in the tone of his comments at the annual meeting.