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  • f7fighter f7fighter Sep 5, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    Hello I am from the Nokia Board

    Never posted here before I heard a rumor I will post source in aminute that NOKIA is buying Lucent/alcatel. it is at least a possible take over target because nok needs to boost n.american presence for it nokia siemans networks. I may be in here soon folks doing dd now. Dont like cash burn here but this may be why your up lately. Peace be with you.

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    • confused look at the date of the original post :)

    • Bump...just droppin in stilllll lllllllllllong from this day tilllllllllll well at least tomorrow. peace llllongs.

    • Thanks to marketid i think it was you who reset this old post thanks for the appreciation you'll find im pretty fun and easy to get along with o and my spelling sucks and i never proof anything just rapid fire posts. My key board sticks from a wine spill a while ago so forgive my somewhat cryptic posts on occasion. I'll try and post any rumors I hear. ALSO remeber my Mulally / msft ceo posts??? with elop looking like the anti crist that one may happe as well. MANY powerful figures on the msft board think hes the turn around specialist they need . I for one love the guy being from detroit. Thats all for now. Congrats longs now i need to go sell my nokia before it tanks on the news of them blowing all their new found money on alu hehehe! i couldnt resist congrats longs your no...WE r going up one way or another

    • Yup thats me! just trying to help us all make a buck! I bought a few thousand shares nothing big just a hunch it should pay off the whole telecom sector is hot hot hot. Now maybe this new alu will pay me back for my lucent losses from years ago.

    • "... NOKIA is buying Lucent/alcatel. ..."

      Nobody will buy Alcatel-Lucent as a whole. Alcatel remains as French as Napoleon. Alcatel leaving France is simply not an option. I can't even imagine of a scenario that Alcatel could become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nokia. Perhaps, as part of a larger strategic alliance, Nokia buys a minority stake larger than Qualcomm's announced (up to) 5%. Perhaps both companies buy business units from each other, to avoid stepping on each other's toes on every major contract, but Alcatel won't leave Paris. Alcatel is considered a French national strategic treasure. And now that ALU appears to have turned the corner, the French government won't allow foreign majority ownership. That's the only reason why Lucent is governed from Paris. There was no chance of a Alcatel and Lucent merger with "LUA"' being headquartered in the U.S.

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      • Well it looks like,after investigating , that it was nokia to buy 1 billion or so in product from alu NOT the whole co. Sorry just trying to share as fast as i learned the info you guys can read the thread on nok ymb under "NOKIA WILL GET A PIECE OF BBRY FIRESALE" IT HAS THE WHOLE CONVERSATION POSTED VERBATIM FROM MR. JEFFRIES. It does seem when you read it that nok is buying alu. But upon further inspection 1.5 billion wouldnt get it done so you must infer its the equipment purchase. Still good for you guys congrats.

    • F7.
      I have been in both names since last Summer, and can tell you that it is highly unlikely that NOK buys ALU.
      However, it is likely that NOK buys assets from ALU to enhance/strengthen NSN.
      It appears that the market believes this to be the case, as ALU has risen in step since the sale announcement to Microsoft.
      Needless to say, it has been a good week :-)

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      • Well thanks for that I am providing intel for you from our board and I am looking at alu i owned it years ago when it was lucent sad to say for roughly the same pps as today. I am looking at cien as well. i hink it can sustain more than the normal 3 quarters of groth then years of stagnation. I like the chrt here and am curious about alu . I obviously cant speak to much yet as I have just started my dd here. i will read the board for now to figure who to listen to and who to avoid. Thanks for your kind post.

    • Right. And I live on Mars and eat rocks.

    • well you can read the posts on the ymb for nokia and also all my posts been long there since june on a rumor that msft was buying nok. well that happened so im credible.

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