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  • valueplay72 valueplay72 Nov 28, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

    What stock will get toe $ 10. first AMD ALU RAD

    I think all will be very close by Dec 2014 but I think AMD has the best chance getting there first.
    There turnaround story is complete there chips are selling like hot cakes and just Friday they confirmed they can handle all upcoming business. There newest products are getting great review and there winning over new business everyday. Last quarter they beat the street and raised guidance. ALU should do well but the right offering will slow things down till all longs shed off the extra share. RAD will be a very steady grower with AHCA.

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    • Happy to see these Dummies getting smoked on their AMD call.

    • hiltonhead1154 Dec 3, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

      Real Sales facts to prove the turnaround story
      Sony PS4 sales top 2.1M
      Sony (SNE) has sold over 2.1M PlayStation 4 computer gaming consoles since the company launched the device in the U.S. and Canada in mid-November, and in Europe and Australasia on Friday.Sony is well on the way to achieving a forecast from Piper Jaffray that it will sell 3M consoles globally by the end of the year. The company is relying on the PS4 to help turn around its loss-making consumer-electronics division

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    • (((What longs love but bashers hate)))
      1. AMD is a more secure investment than a year ago.
      A. $1.2 billion in cash.
      B. $873 million in account receivables.
      C. Secured line of credit of $500 million.
      D. Q3 revenue grew over $300 million returning AMD to a profit.
      E. Q4 Y over Y revenue is expected to grow $500 million +. Giving AMD another profit as compared to Q4 2012 loss of hundreds of millions.

      2. The $400 million wafer supply agreement will be met with Global Foundries.
      A. Inventory WILL NOT increase.
      B. If inventory is not going up, this means AMD must already have buyers lined up.

      3. AMD landed a contract with Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo .
      A. Microsoft reported over 1 million units sold within the first 24 hours.
      B. Sony reported over 1 million units sold within the 1st 24 hours.
      C. New units arriving at the stores are selling out as fast as they come in.
      D. Nintendo has some hot games released for the Wii U and console sales are sharply increasing.
      E. Mantel will allow the game makers to make games that will cross platforms.

      4. AMD has several new products coming out soon.
      A. Kabini APU. USE LESS POWER AND FASTER plus costs less than the competition.
      B. The first and only X86 architecture bridged with ARM.
      C. HSA. WILL REVOLUTIONIZE THE PC market. Intel does not have it, nvidia either.
      D. Kaveri's heterogeneous queuing also brings parity to the processors, and the GPU and CPU are equally equipped to create and dispatch work. Instead of having to communicate through the operating system, the two units communicate workload through queues.

      5. AMD server market is growing.
      A. HP ProLiant and AMD solutions
      B. Verizon is deploying SeaMicro SM15000 servers for its new global cloud platform and cloud-based object storage service
      C.DellTM PowerEdgeTM servers powered by AMD OpteronTM processors:
      D. IBM System x™ servers powered by AMD eight or twelve-core Opteron 6000-series processors

      6. Look for CES 2014 for more AMD announcements January 7-10.

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    • AMD is about to explode to the upside.

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    • If you wanna make some good money, look at RMTI. Don't just take my word, go to yahoo finance and read! Also, look at the chart! Your taking a chance with AMD, Take a chance with RMTI, but odds are in your favor!

    • I wanna see you do well! I'm telling you tho, better watch that AMD. First of all you waon't make any real money until after the announce. If you hold it, you will be relying on forward looking statements. Everyone knows the holiday season will be good for them. It's kinda like when you take that beautiful woman out and get that one great night! Then she looks at you after and says "NOW WHAT".. Good luck!

    • As I said, I have all three of them and think ALU will be the big winner in this race. You sounded very excited about AMD, but in the meantime it doesn't show any positive move so far in the trading day. Any explanation?

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    • Each day there are more and more articles on how great the Xbox and Play Station are selling out. This will continue for months. The AMD Chip is the reason. AMD $ 3.61 out of the RAD $ 5.93 An ALU $ 4.31 had the greatest volume and greatest % change Friday. AMD has the lowest float 500 Mil and Highest short 140 Mil. All 3 are turn around stories but AMD story has just started and has the most to advance over ALU and RAD. All 3 will make it to $ 10 but AMD will be first. Check the chart and look at the break out and the money flow and RSI all look perfect to advance. AMD has the strongest balance sheet.

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    • AMD did the best

    • hiltonhead1154 Nov 29, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

      AMD is leading in volume and % increase. The chart and money flow is very strong.

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