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  • Here I come. DumbMofo was the real dumbmofo. I am the true master! This company is headed to BK! It's all over. Going to $25 tomorrow!

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    • Going short might work out for you, but you do
      realize that you are just gambling, don't you? It your
      losess on 1000 shares dropping to $52 caused you such
      finacial damage, then you are obviously in no financial
      postion to take the risk by going short on 1000 shares.
      What were you planning to to if Lucent had unveiled a
      big surpise and popped up $10, kill yourself? IMO, if
      you're an investor instead of a gambler you are much
      better off with a long term strategy instead of tring to
      time day to day price. And when you buy, or short if
      you must, you should know exacly what you will do it
      the price goes up or if it goes down. You might win
      on your current bet, but the way that you are going
      you are a perfect candidate for a future bankruptcy
      and suicide.

      • 3 Replies to luengineer
      • comments you have made. I am not a Nevada
        gambler, so I try to get my arms around LU, as a long term
        investor. Totally new here, though I got an EE degree when
        they taught about Siemens stepper switches (�..and
        last year the transistor was invented�). Not much use
        as I built Oxygen plants for many years and then
        became a beancounter (actually ran a holding company). I
        was only briefly a production engineer in a radio
        tube plant (!).

        Where would I best read up
        about Lucent ? I tried the initial S-1 and couldn�t
        even find �Western Electric� - tells you how much
        attention I paid. I take it, Lucent sells hardware. WE was
        renamed and is part of LU ?

        You are right, except
        for the very top insiders, it�s very hard to judge
        what is coming. Are they up to competing with the
        likes of Chambers ?

        Very important IMHO is the
        culture, the spirit inside the company and you really
        turned me on with your comment in # 73366

        >>I would work there even if I didn't need the money.

        So, please let me know if you have any suggestions
        about reading. I do have a good BS alarm


      • Given the choice between suicide or bankrupcy,
        which fate would those on this board choose for Jamison
        (see related post by luengineer)? No, not playing into
        the petty crap posted here, just food for thought and
        a chance to beat up on the mentally unbalanced.
        Cruel, but somehow delighful.

        Peace (well...not

      • now isn't it? The fact is LU lost and I won! I am
        going to make a lot of money off these short shares
        tomorrow. The only question is will I cover in the 40's or
        in the 30's. I am guessing the 30's. For all your
        ridicule, all my decisions on this stock, such as trading
        LU for CSCO, selling LU, and shorting LU have been
        proved correct. In the end, results are the only thing
        that count. If your beloved CEO had kept that in mind,
        perhaps you and the other shareholders would not be faced
        with the hell that you are about to enter. I really do
        feel sorry for the employees of LU Microelectronics
        because I think that is a real kick ass division with top
        notch products and good people. Well, the good people
        won't be staying IMHO. Best of luck to you.

    • to have to spend your $25 playing slots in Reno...

    • Hey a-hole. The only car you'll be able to get
      after you cover your shorts is a Pinto. I know where
      you can get a lime green one real cheap.

      read about LU in the Gilder Tech report. You'll wish
      you didn't SHORT it.

      happy reading.

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