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  • cchasrun cchasrun May 7, 2000 9:47 AM Flag

    Barron's article this weekend will....

    put a positive spin on LU. Boy, the people in Yahoo, CSCO chat room our pissed-off at Barron and CNBC!!! Go and read!!! Long LU

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    • Let's see if it is going to be a viable company come April.

    • You are wrong! I know finance and accounting
      better than most on this board. Now, first of all,
      valuation within a sector? Come on, which planet are you
      on? Does it mean, it is ok for a sector trading at
      ten times of premium to its growth rate while others
      are allowed to trade at 15 times? Get a clue. The
      best and the leader in each sector has always been
      trading at premium to its peers. I own Lucent, but Lucent
      had a problem and it will take another quarter to
      attract investors back in. Cisco on the other hand has
      never made a strategic mistake for years. If you stil
      argue that Cisco should trade similar to Lucent, NT,
      Newbridge, Fastcom (chapter 11), Alcatel, and Pairgain, then
      I have nothing more to say. When Lucent regains its
      reputation, Lucent will trade higher. Ever learned the
      efficient market theory in school?

      PV= value of firm
      = discounted (TR-TC).... now go back school and
      learn some real stuff.

    • You must be relatively new to investing. Valuation comparisons have always been made against stocks in the same sector. Nobody would compare a red hot tech stock's valuation to a drug co's.

    • Just curious.

    • that Lucent will split again this April'2000?

    • Valuation should be taken against a whole lot of
      companies, including Old economy stock like PFE, biotech
      giant like AMGN and DNA, let alone your favorite new
      econmy stocks like ORCL, SUNW and NT. To sigle out Cisco
      right before its earning is a really low blow which I
      though a quality publication like Barron's would never
      do. It is not just a messenger, it sometimes is a
      market maker. In a period that is full of self-indulgent
      talking heads, a poison pen can be even worse. Where was
      Barron's on the week of March 15 when the stocks hit the
      all time hi? Barron's is just like CNBC--all of
      suddend they are more interested in making news than
      reporting news.

    • ADRs are trading in the US--that is what I meant. Sorry for not saying that. Don't be too educational. I also know that LOGIY and LHSP are ADRs.