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  • joyakid joyakid Jan 23, 2008 4:57 PM Flag

    Horray.....for PAYX!!

    Good going guys... Here's to all longs....

    Stay well.



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    • Answer; watching this company as long as payx, it's one in a million. Check the website, why are they surrounding themselves with powerful people. It's time ,don't worry about dilution latter on. Only 27 mill in float. It's fun.

    • You said it Joy, that's a gamble stock. I've held CHK for well over a year, and it's going to be a LONG term hold like Payx. It's a fantastic stock, great fundamentals, and they are going to blow away numbers on the 22nd. Also a great buyout candidate once the big oils start having to use their money. NG is where you want to be in.

    • Joy , you just won't learn,in the stock market people sell when they do smart stuff like owning paychex long ago , please think about this: small co. Are gettig killed with expense, payx growth doesn't warrent the hefty p/e ,mgt. Buying stock too help but it didn't work ,interest rates are going lower every day, the xcash they have isn't helping they need big revenue growth ,this stock had it's run . Find a new one before it goes low enough where they will be bought ,adp, amax, health care companies. The primium you had when it was 40. Buy adp 16 p/e loaded with cash.

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      • How long has Paychex been selling health insurance for? It seems to me that that should be a nice revenue stream going forward.

        Anhow, I love the company. Almost all of my clients are with Paychex.

        Just took my first position in the company.

      • Things go up in down coconut. This is a cycle we're in. Yes Paychex could and probably will go lower. Someone like Joy, and myself that have held for ever, it makes no sense to cash out now. Why would be pay uncle sam taxes? Interest rates should not have been cut. Inflation is increasing, and rates and our economy will eventually rise.
        If you want to point anyone to an investment, look at MSFT a P/E of 18? How about HD? You obviously hate this company and have shown it over the years. Paychex pays over 3% div. buying shares back, increasing their dividend. Find a company that is more shareholder friendly? This could go to $28, but eventually it will be over $40. Is it worth paying taxes, and commission fees to invest in a company you don't know as good as Payx? Plus interest rate cuts spur the economy. So a little advice, GROW UP!

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