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  • doctordeadduck doctordeadduck May 16, 2012 1:08 PM Flag

    Paychex Payroll Problems

    I have no interest in this stock financially, this is just a heads up. Right now, Paychex is experiencing some major payroll processing issue for all companies they service in the US. I know this because my wife works for one of those companies. The source of the problem, according to my wife, has not been determined just yet. At risk is employee paychecks, due this Friday, for all companies serviced by Paychex in the US.


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    • Interesting to note the Monday after the payroll bomb was to have exploded, PAYX closed at 29.77.

      Seems like a brilliant escape!

    • I would like to point something else out about him. He has "doctor" in his name, that means he's very important and trustworthy.

    • Oh my god! This is the sort of inside information that makes the Internet so valuable! Just think, a selfless citizen wants to share this sensitive information with all of Yahoodom, thus saving us from buying or even holding shares in Paychex. This is stuff you can't get from Morningstar, which obviously is in the bag for share manipulators. Too bad we can't thank this guy personally for his "help," but I suspect he really wouldn't want to stand behind this garbage.

      Morningstar: PayChex’s 4.4% Dividend Yield Attractive
      By Johanna Bennett

      With unemployment still high and recent jobless numbers a huge disappointment, its little wonder that shares of the payroll processing company Paychex (PAYX) haven’t fared well. But in a column published Tuesday, reasoned that the stock’s 4.4% dividend yield will help shareholders ride out a difficult employment market.

      At $29.51 a share, the stock sits 9% below the 52-week high it hit in January.

      Paychex caters to small and mid-sized companies, a clientele hit hard by the bad economy. But noted that “a beaten-up stock, of course,” is often where dividend investors find an entry point.”

      In October, Paychex announced its first dividend hike since 2008. But over the last decade, the company has boosted its quarterly payment seven times, increasing it from 11 cents a share back then to 32 cents a share today.

      That dividend chews up a big portion of Paychex’s profits – roughly 84% of the $1.52 a share the Street predicts the company earned during the previous fiscal year that ended May 2012. This year, analysts see the company earning $1.63 a share. And Morningstar says the payout should hold up, arguing that revenue and profit growth has improved since “the darkest days of the downturn,” profit margins have held up and other than its dividend, Paychex doesn’t face serious cash demands.

    • Dropped out of sight?

      Too bad companies do not track down folks when they make up stuff like this

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