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  • mattgottlieb mattgottlieb Aug 4, 1998 2:07 PM Flag

    Falling stock

    Does anyone know why this stock has gone from 40 down to 30 in the last few months, and down three today? All news on the company seems to be good.

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    • I didn't think their was anyone else out

      It looks like RS is down 4 for the day. I certainly
      don't have the answers as to why the 25% drop in value.
      The price of steel has dropped significantly and
      probably has impacted revenue.

      It appears that
      quite a few stocks of similar size to RS are down
      15-20% from their price highs. RS is considered a fairly
      small company. The daily trading volume of this stock
      is very low. Unfortunately, there are not many
      investors looking to buy or sell this stock (notice the
      interest on this thread). When the bottom falls out of the
      overall market, companies like RS get hit the hardest.

      It has been said the safest stocks to invest in are
      companies like GE,KO,T,IBM,... The Blue Chips! Much less
      volatile!! Much lower risk!!! Also, information is much more
      plentiful regarding what these companies are up

      I'm just as frustrated with this stock as anybody. I
      suppose I should stick to investing in the above
      mentioned. I'll probably sleep better!!!!!

      Sorry I
      couldn't accurately answer your question.


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