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  • tru_fullness tru_fullness Oct 4, 2001 12:04 PM Flag


    America has been overtaken by paranoia. This irrational suspicion and hatred of all Arabs, Moslems, Islamics, etc is just completely ludicrious, harmful and self-defeating. It creates and wrecklessly spreads rumors and inuendoes.It is destroying our inaleinable rights to freedom via guilt by association, viewpoint or independent opinion.
    This wrecklessness and panic is spreading like the Black Plague and has resulted in a Lynch Mob type mentality. It is self-destructive and unworthy of being a true American in our American Democracy.
    Let's look briefly at what happened just yesterday with the Greyhound Bus incident in Tennessee at about 4 AM. Amentallly disturbed foreigner attacks a bus driver and cuts the driver's neck with some type of device...Allegedly a "box cutter", but no one knows exactly what it was including the FBI.
    The bus crashes and overturns killing 6 passengers including this maniac and injuries many others.
    Almost immediately Greyhound halts the travel of all of its buses nationwide(about 7000 buses and because of the paranoid suspicion, immediately assumes it is another nationwide "TERRORIST" planned general attack.
    The FBI and other special agencies are immediately called in to actively investigate this unfortunate incident. When, infact, this is really a local police investigative matter.
    If the Greyhound nationwide service shutdown and the resultant FBI/ special agencies reactions to this Greyhound incident are not general fearful panic, then what is it???
    American governmental officials at all levels and the American public must stop being stampeded and frightened by the 24/7 endless over-emphasis by the medea of the most unfortunate World Trade Center assualt.
    Hysterical reaction is self-defeating. Let's regain our composure, calm and objectivity. If we ever needed it, we need it NOW.
    We need good American LEADERSHIP and NOT blind paranoic and emotional panic.

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