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  • pouvoir67 pouvoir67 Oct 27, 2002 4:01 PM Flag

    Re: Boycott ExxonMobil/GHunt1234

    NO! Have you paid yours. Never had the clap, so do tell me how bad it is. You seemed to have the experience in in that field.

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    • You want to call me a liar, self-obsessed, arrogant and ignorant--knock yourself out. Anything else?

    • Can't disagree there. Like EXXON where I live. None here and no Mobil stations either. Mainly Phillips, Conoco,Total, Coastal and w couple of others.

    • The truth IS the Truth. Wareaglevn posted the link I sent him and posted exactly what th CONOCO/PHILLIPS said plus I have worked there for 33+ years and partly what I do.

      So I feel the Boycott targets innocent stations also. Someone in the organizations did not do their home work very well. Actually, if they were graded, they would recieve an F.

    • Now pouv its not fair to give the facts without some sort of twist to it. You keep coming up with the truth and hunty boy will take his ball and go home. LOL PL

    • Easy anser Is Phillips bought out Tosco who owned or supplied the stations. Conoco and Phillips had a merger of equals and now own those store station. If you look back in to the merger on Exxon with Mobil they sold off these stations/stores to Tosco for the merger to be completed.
      Hence, the ownership of the Exxon/Mobil sataions/stores are now Conoco/Phillips. With the branded name being Exxon and Mobil ie was cheaper for Tosco/Philips/Conoco to stay named as they are.we are talking of approimately 2000 to 2500 stations,repainted,restock,changing of signs, etc.

    • As for your question about me, you keep wondering while you make false claims about my employment status which you know >nothing< about, but which hasn't stopped you from false statements (all while accusing me of lying--LOL).

      As for your question regarding XOM, good question!

    • Tell me again how you think a company "appeases" people who oppose homosexuality while being "neutral" when considering it in employment practices?

    • I don't work for or have ANY personal knowlege beyond what I have heard on this board what XOM's policies are. Based on what I have heard here, I think XOM is trying to balance to somewhat opposing positions. First they are acting legally and are against discrimination based on sexual preference. They are also (possibly, I don't know their motivation) trying to 'appease' some customers who are strongly against homosexuality. But those are just my guesses, I don't have any specific knowlege to go on.

    • Do you or do you not think that XOM opposes discrimination based on sexual orientation?

    • "So you think that XOM is not on my side in opposing discrimination based on sexual orientation in their EEO statement?"

      I believe GHunt has finally flipped. Does this question make any sense?

      "ExxonMobil's name isn't so great--must explain why they have to sell it to others under a different name. "

      Shows just how little you understand about the gasoline (in particular) and oil business (in general). Answer me this, in 100 words or less explain why ConocoPhillips now markets gasoline under the XOM moniker (in certain markets)? I strongly doubt you will be able to do this without outside help. [I will give you a BIG hint, think govt.]

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