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    • <<Each passing day more of us come, you cannot stop it.>>

      Yeah. We can stop it. And..we will. At some point, it will no longer be tolerated..the dismembering of our GREAT COUNTRY. Rock on USA.

    • 200 years ago our forefathers all signed the declaration of independence at risk of death. The time is at hand once again for change. BUT CHANGE THAT WE AMERICANS VOTE ON, NOT POLITICIANS ALONE. Sunni 53 is right. More radical muslims come to America (and other free nations like sweden, UK and all over Europe) every day and they will be able to buy our government if they havent done so already. Do you know that rape is up 7 fold in Sweden where coincidentally middle eastern immigration is up 5 fold as well!!! Doesnt that disguist any of you! Will you wait until mosques and non-english speaking people outnumber us and we have another civil war here in America. It can happen again! So again I ask....WHO WILL STAND WITH ME? My email and also Use both and leave your number if you like. I will call and we will talk like mature men and women. you prefer to wait till the next terrorist attack that "suddenly" happens or worse yet, when the next president is in bed with Osama Bin Ladens crew? Oh....that happened already? Excuse me. -( Peacefully we must protest the selling out of america. Immigration served its purpose in 1900. Its time is now over as 9/11 specifically shows. aT LEAST WE MUST BE MUCH MORE JUDICIOUS IN HOW WE USE IT!Mexicans come here and work their butts off and are peaceful loving people. I love them. But some immigrants are not like that and our govt. is not screening very well for those who would hurt America! We can still help those less fortunate but there are other ways besides giving them a free lunch by coming here and getting benefits. How about a march to limit big corps from outsourcing all of our jobs, also? I will gladly pay increased consumer prices to stop most of the outsourcing. In 2050 blacks will outnumber all other races. That alone will create such strain on this country. We cannot afford more. Already the stock market is feeling the effercts of our wasted tax dollars and corporations being forced to hire workers who wont work because of government race quotas. Shall we wait till the stock market collapses...or do something now?

    • Everyone please read Sunnil53 's post.6/15 1:46pm He may have a point. As more radical muslims are allowed to come here, they will have a stronger say. How much longer before our future grandchildren or their children have to wear veils and cover their faces. It can take a 100 years but it will happen unless we do something. Zionist policies must end says the poster? Israel is the only middle eastern state in all the middle east that treat women with equal rights and actually welcome any other race or culture into their tiny land. As well, here in the USA there isnt one jewish neighborhood that is crime ridden. Why on earth would any sane person want to eliminate jews? Christ was a jew. Who cares anymore who killed him. If there are any serious americans out there who would like to discuss what we can do to stop sick militants like Sunni from taking over our sweet land, we cfan form a small group and talk every week. Between the money and power the jews have, the hatred of foreigners all the militias hiding down south have, surely we can come together to save america once again. My personal email if anyone wants to chat. i dont dislike fioreigners, but as the previous poster before sunni said...enough is enough. We now give social security benefits to all immigrants who are here legally that hit 65, even if theyve never paid a dime into it. Who is selling us out? By the way, the world christian council reminds us that it says in the bible "He who blesses Israel will be blessed." If these loony muslims ever get rid of Israel their next most hated enemy is.......Christians!

      I think we americans lost our belief in ourselves. Hell, in the 1960's we still had politicians and plenty of middle class people willing to march against segregation, why is nobody willing to march against unfair immigration??????? I am not talking violence, i am talking about all americans taking one lousy day off to have a march on washington demanding america not be sold out.
      Hell, If Louis farakkan,another loonie muslim can get hundreds of thousands of his people to march, why are we americans who are far greater in number so lazy??????? I will take a day off from work any day someone puts a rally together. Who will stand with me?

      PLEASE! Read that idiots post..."EACH PASSING DAY MORE OF US COME." He is right. But...we must stop it if only for the sake of americans 100 years from now. I ask again, Who will stand with me?

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