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  • mvogis1 mvogis1 Oct 29, 2005 5:08 PM Flag

    boycott EXXON

    n thier products in stores too...''smiles''
    exxon could cut thier gas today to $1.87 a gallion after the giant gains in profits.....
    i think......
    for along time....maybe til next yr.

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    • Trouble is, he is having a dream and it will become a nightmare when his dream collapses.

    • Agreed, but it is fun to twist his neck and thump his head (for awhile anyway). I am back in the internal ignore mode for awhile to spare the board somewhat.

      What is really fun if you just keep hitting him with facts, he keeps trying to twist, bob and weave but eventually he gets himself so jumbled he really screws up. Like his challenge that XOM will lose money this quarter. Then when he stumbles and bumbles around that one he really looks stupid.

      But I am going to (try, unless he really gets ridiculous again and flat out lies), to leave him be for awhile. I really don't care if he has multiple ID's or if it really is his cult following. So long as "they" all wind up looking like idiots the result is the same.

    • are wasting your time. Trying to speak logically or factually to RV is liked trying to teach a slug.

      He has a number of ID's to make himself look like he has followers. He will never accept any facts and twist anything you say to his advantage.

      You say Field of Dreams?? if you build it he will this case, if you don't answer he will go....

    • Are you trying to claim that retail prices are the ONLY factor impacting XOM earnings. That is demonstrably false.

      Even if retail is not a significant revenue produces for XOM (% wise, they are so big almost any earnings source is large in absolute terms), that doesn't mean that if every other factor was held constant that a reduction in retail earnings would not lower xom's earnigs. Basic math answers that one, but I contend and have mathematically shown that the reduction would not be meaningful %-wise.

      Second, even if xom's retail earnings were critical to there overall earnings and they went down, that in no way proves that your 'boycott' caused that drop. Look up causality and correlation.

      If you want to claim that your boycott and only your boycott impacted xom's retail prices, then since both times you boycotted xom there was a period of rising prices DURING YOUR BOYCOTT, you have to take credit for rising prices also.

      [It is about time I leave you alone for a few days again. I am sure your head is pounding with all the facts myself and others have posted showing how lame you and your boycott are.]

    • If I have a mortgage, if I have insurance...if I live in a house I mortgage and have insurance for it I'm a have not?

      Do a little traveling around this world (I've only done a little and don't claim to be world wizened). Start with some of the other countries that share the continent of the Americas then think about haves and have nots.

    • Ahhh I see by your post that he is trying to welch out again. LOL Once a welcher always a welcher. Geeez how can one person go through life and be such a loser. PL

    • Where are you getting this info?

    • Always talk to yourself? That is one way to get an opinion you want. You're not going to get it otherwise.

    • Realize you screwed up and now trying to add additonal terms. Watch out, crawfish season coming real soon...

      You predicted an XOM LOSS, not a reduction in earnings. It won't happen in '05. (Not for a day much less a quarter.)

      You're gonna lose. Then you're gonna welch. That is my challenge for today. Wanna take up that one?

    • >>Are you trying to compete with rv for the lowest IQ ever recorded?<<
      Now...Now...dear XOM men and women. Your spouses need some POSITIVE attention and the children, too. Lighten up...before someone takes a match to this highly flammable XOM board mixture and .... BLOWS US ALL UP !!

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