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  • yawnoc_2002 yawnoc_2002 Nov 9, 2005 2:11 PM Flag

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    To: House Majority Leader Roy Blunt and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
    Re: Opposition to Arctic and Coastal Drilling

    We Americans do not want the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and America's coasts sacrificed for oil and gas industry profits.

    Unfortunately, attempts to dismantle decades of important federal shoreline protections, industrialize America's fragile coasts, and open the pristine Arctic Refuge to destructive oil drilling continue with renewed vigor.

    It is appalling that some members of Congress are exploiting the recent hurricanes, high gas prices and home heating bills to push their controversial and antiquated agenda to drill in some of our country's most special places. A knee-jerk reaction to simply drill more would do little to solve our energy problems in the short or long term. According to a recent Dept. of Energy study, even 20 years from now, when Arctic Refuge oil is at or near peak production, consumers would only be able to save a penny a gallon at the gas pump. A penny a gallon twenty years from now is not worth the loss of the Arctic wilderness forever.

    The United States cannot drill its way to energy independence, but we can embrace responsible measures and real, 21st-century energy solutions that make cars go farther on a gallon of gas, promote conservation and energy efficiency, invest in clean renewable energy, and protect our natural heritage.

    Drilling proponents have buried their controversial provisions deep in the federal budget, but Americans won't be fooled by this sneaky trick.

    We urge you to oppose any efforts that include Arctic Refuge and coastal drilling provisions in a budget bill.

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