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  • morals800 morals800 Mar 8, 2006 11:01 AM Flag

    Exxon Will increase spending 2 billion

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Exxon Mobil Corp. forecast Wednesday that its spending on oil and gas drilling, refining and chemicals manufacturing would rise from about $18 billion now to almost $20 billion a year between 2007 and 2010. BIG DEAL! I'm sure by then we will all be paying $10 a gallon for gas.

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    • Only blind people around here are you talamudasshole, rv and few other malcontents. But considering your posts it doesnt take much to blind you. Now move along little boy. You need to get to work to pay for that gas that you cant afford. LOL PL

    • And yet again, you couldn't resist passing aspersions about others. Your reference to single's sites - is that where you spend your time when you are meant to be programming for your employer?

      You raised the point about education so stop bitching about it. Your style of writing brought on reaction and you talk about Socrates :) :)

    • No not the best I have but good enough for you. Maybe to good. As to wasting peoples time well I'm still waiting for you to post anything of value here. speaking of worthless when you find time to take a break from calling people four letter names. Read back through some of your past postings. No need to update us on what you find we've already been blinded by you brilliance.

    • Thats the best youve got?? LOL
      Figures just like your agenda based assinine opinions. Now run along little boy as you still dont have a clue on how the oil business works. Now run now.. youve wasted enough of the peoples time with youre worthless soapbox ramblings. PL

    • Just special for you because this is the only level that you understand anyway. We all lost out when your father didn't deposit you in a kleenex.

    • What a dipshit. PL

    • "Where did you get your degree at? Talk about being a hypocrisy. "

      So how were we meant to interpret your words as above?

    • Ok now it's just getting a bit to deep in here. One final post and this is to all of you . First lets take the weak play on the Socratic Method angle. What people have usually overlooked or been unaware of is that Socrates used his method more to shred people than to educate them. His Dialogues, were adversarial and ended with the respondent confused and demoralized - not exactly a formula for building self-esteem or learning. Sounds about right to me. Next Several of you have taken this line of I'm so highly educated Top five Top ten Multiple degree's. I would wonder why such highly educated top achiver's would be hanging out posting here. Oil Industry Experts abound here. I have a degree not harvard or yale, But a good school. My only claim is to be able to think for myself. Be it right or wrong I stand by my opinions. The rest of you can be the XOM board experts. I'm sure your skills will be much better expended educating people like The Oil Nazi and Boycott poster.....See ya later Oil Professors, I'm guessing you all have alternate names in single's sites were your 6'3" with Cassanova looks and Arnold builds....LOL

    • "what's with asking me questions like it's their job to quiz me? That's just an easy way of saying nothing at all."

      Actually it is called the Socratic method. A very effective means of teaching/learning. But both parties have to have open minds and be willing to learn.

      If you say you don't know or can't find the answers, that is one thing. But to say I won't even look is different. But if you do dig through the questions (and those sure to follow) and apply rational logic, you will reach a better understanding of the busines and your own conclusions. Those conclusions may not agree with mine (there is certainly room for disagreement), but at least they would be informed, rational conclusions.

      Quite honestly, oil (like most businesses) is far to complex to gain an understanding from the sound bites the media puts out. They just don't cater to deep understanding of the business. They want to spell it all out in 25 words or less. And that can't be done.

    • Must be related to rv. Both have the same mind set. PL

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