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  • cheflou_01 Nov 16, 2007 6:02 PM Flag

    Why Democrates want Illegals to have driver licenses??

    Listing to the debate the other nite; O'bama wants illegals to have driver licenses, Hillary is still yes and no, and the governor running has given the illegals in his state driver licenses. So who do we blame for this???? My guess the democrates is blaming BUSH. LOL

    You democrates are going to ruin this country. Give illegals rights to your money, free medicals, your social security and more. But you all hate Bush so much that Hillary is making a fool of you.

    How can you stand by Hillary when her husband doesn't stand with her. He cheated on her, but she still stand by Bill. Guess the power of politics is more important then their marriage.


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    • Many liberals are completely opposed to illegal immigration, including me. But I've been hit in traffic several times by illegals without a license or insurance, and in one case they sped away at high speed and could have caused a serious accident. So I'm in favor of giving them a provisional non-resident license if they qualify and can prove they have insurance. Illegals who violated this law would do hard time on a chain gang and be deported upon completion of their sentence. The provisional licesnse I'm suggesting would give them no legal status whatsoever. Let's start deporting these illegals as fast as possible and punish the employers who hire them.

    • What does any of the drivel you just posted have to do with financials, or economics?

      Has Rush Limbaugh whipped you into a lather? Please go read a book before spouting off. I would suggest something on economics. My favorite reading is from Ben Graham.

      I will give you a synopsis of what has happened over the last few years under the current administration.

      It's a basic principal, the greater the debt, the greater the intrest paid and the less capital to work with. 10 Trillion dollars in debt, lowering the intrest rate to pay back that debt, our currency has plummeted to an all time low. For the first time in history the business currency of the world is no longer U.S. Dollars. Opec is moving off U.S. currency for payment. What's that mean for the average american? The U.S. Dollar will have less and less purchasing power. It's easy to see where this is leading, another U.S recession. I have already been moving more of my portfolio into Oil and Gold. As the dollar devalues these sectors will rise in parallel.

      Bill Clinton was naughty in the white house, How I wish we were facing the delima of an indesceation instead of an economic collapse.

      The fact that you vote, and are this misinformed distresses me greatly.

    • Bill is not cheating on Hillary folks. Bill said he was sorry and Hillary forgave him. Don't be jealous because you would have divorce in the same situation. Hillary knows it not biblical to divorce one husband.

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