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  • upward2000 upward2000 Oct 30, 2008 10:01 AM Flag

    Social Democrates/Obama

    Will take from the hard working and efficient and give to the non-productive and businesses with broken business models--throwing taxpayer's money away. America to slide even further away from a very being able to compete in world markets. He is scary. The educated and affluent that are voting for him deserve what the get--they remind me of the future world human survivors in the of the old Planet of the Apes movie--intelligent but no common sense and they too will be killed at least economically. Common sense for them have left the building.

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    • social democrats,, social justice, just because it is FAIR - better get used to that word from Obama as he lifts money from your pocket to crash our economy.

      what is real strange is the deal about how SDS, the old weathermen, have been involved with Obama since Occidential college.

      First BHO's dad was communist, then his grand dad took him to frank davis (self disclosed communist & sexual perv from chicago) for tutoring,, (what was he thinking?)

      then Occidential where he hooked up with tom hayden group and SDS, then Columbia where he probably hooked up with Bill Ayers (another self disclosed communist & sexual perv from chicago - WTH )

      Since the columbia years are a hidden secret no friends, no classes, no papers no grades he lived closer to Ayers than columbia (40 minutes) no telling what he learned.

      then back to chicago and ayers probably helped get him established as community organizer - failed,, and then harvard,, how the hell did he get into harvard with columbia mystery grades and no accomplishments?? duh al mansour?

      screwed up as president of the least cited harvard review in 40 years and his alternative committees took two years to repair.

      back to his buddy perv ayers and annenberg and woods giving money to marxist ideologies and friends.

      Signed up with the marxist New Party, more SDS dudes,, why is that not a campaign issue? Why is ACORN being founded by an ex SDS dude not an issue along with Obama's participation,, being way too easy on these communists. What, Mac afraid to make Obama cry?

      Ayers, wright, farrakhan, SDS, new party, chicago machine got him into the IL senate,, senator present

      same deal with USA Senate

      so we now have the first SDS, farrakhan, wright, Khalidi,Hamas, xerxes president. how the hell did the media cause this?

      And the best the RNC can do is Mac?? A great guy but not up to debating with the messiah or winning in he open exchange of ideas or axelrod or soros either.

      new farrakhan video naming Barry as the messiah says a lot of it, along with the qaddafi youtube about Obama.

      we are so screwed

      The RNC better know what they are doing, letting this happen so they can beat him in two years in the house and then in four.

      Barry better watch out - SDS and Hamas are not known for playin and he owes them bigtime.

    • If you can buy at $50 why pay more?

      As Iraqi Finance Minister Bayan Jabor told Reuters that Iraq was already selling crude oil barrel "at around $50 or almost $14 less than West Texas and some days we even sold Iraqi oil at $48 barrel".(1)

      Given that even at $50 a barrel we are finding crude demand very much down I don't think that anyone could say with a straight face that the price will rebound...

      Longs wakeup...


    • Funny that sounds like what the bush administration has done?

    • Kudlow made this point last night. I couldn't agree with you and him more. Punishing success never works. France, Venezuela, Canada, Germany, Italy, etc are good examples. China finally got it right, and now their poised to overtake the U.S. on economic size and power within the next 10 years.

      Obama's taxes on business and capital gains from investments in businesses that create jobs are the worst possible policies, and will only serve to exacerbate the current recession.

      The Dow has fallen in part thanks to its belief that anti-growth Obama will be elected.

      • 2 Replies to metropick
      • metro:
        agree 100%. Carly Fiorina was on TV last night reiterating the disastrous decisions that actually prolonged the Great Depression. They were:

        1. Increasing taxes on the upper income earners.
        2. Implementing "protectionist" trading strategies.
        3. Raising interest rates.

        All three decisions completely choked off capital formation and development. It's like withholding oxygen from an emphysema patient. Not pretty. And the patient ends up dead.
        Unfortunately all three of these ideas are part of Obama's platform. If he is elected and follows through on these ideas, we will see another Great Depression, which may even make the first one pale in comparison. This guy is so dangerous. Don't confuse hatred for Bush as a reason to elect an unqualified demagogue like Obama. That's like throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

        Vote with your brain
        Vote McCain,


      • I used to agree with Larry however his politics has clearly clouded his vision. The talkradio and Fox mafia (Republicans) have distorted the view of the world for what it is. As Warren Buffet a large Obama supporter has said "It bothers me that my hardworking secretary pays more in taxes than I do..." (1) that is just wrong.
        I agree that one should be able to earn more by hard work but under the Republican administration you earn more just by being a 'Fortunate Son'. Just as GWB was given the gift of the silver spoon he has continually given wealth to the 'Blue Bloods' ahead of the hard working people. I have many friends that are 18+ hour a day workers that never achieved wealth on Wall Street and are now unemployed as the government has given the CEO's that ruin the company huge bonuses. The last administration was an absolute outrage and the worst in the history of our country. I think that rewarding failure is much more of a issue than installing a realistic tax basis. I laugh at the clowns on Fox and talk radio that have the lower IQ loudmouth idiots trying to influence enlightened...

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