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  • MrAdequate MrAdequate Nov 3, 2008 11:54 AM Flag

    If Obama Wins

    It's pretty obvious that if Obama wins the election, this stock will go down about 80%, most of it immediately. Socialism will all but "nationalize" this industry and just make it a government cash cow...even more than it already is.

    Your firearms will suddenly have huge government taxes and fees that will quadruple your firearm and/or ammunition purchase also.

    He will bankrupt Coal industry also, just like he has already verbally pledged to do.

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    • 80%? LOL...ok. sold my 75 calls from optionglobe this afternoon for a great profit

    • The operative phrase is "the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

      The prefatory phase could have been anything, e.g., Whereas game abounds in this bountiful land,

    • Then why was militia even mentioned?

    • About Barack Obama:

      --If he gets above 50.1 percent it will be the highest Dem percentage since LBJ.

      --If he gets 54% it will be the highest percentage for any non-incumbent candidate of either party since 1952.

      --If he simply comes in first, with any total, it will be four popular vote wins for Dems in the past five cycles.

      --He should amass more votes than any other candidate ever, including Ronald Reagan's 1984 standard.

      --He will be the winning candidate with the highest share of his votes coming from non-whites... and probably the candidate with the highest non-white share of all time.

      --By this evening 3/4 of American Jews will have voted for a guy whose middle name is Hussein: if we cannot use this lever for good in the Middle East, we do not deserve to be a superpower.

      About John McCain:

      --We simply do not know what kind of president John McCain would make--it could be good, it would more likely be very bad.

      --We do know what kind of president Sarah Palin would make--and we all should be eager to keep her as far away from the presidential line of succession as possible.

      --Yes, John McCain ran a dirty campaign. But it was a less dirty campaign than any Republican has run since 1980. The difference this year was that--for some reason-- a fraction of the mainstream press called the Republicans on it rather than endorsing their lines of B.S.

      --The Republican candidates this year were all one or more of: (i) ideologically-blinded, (ii) incompetent, or (iii) risk-loving for its own sake and hence erratic.

      --John McCain was (iii)--which makes him the best of the Republicans on offer this year.

    • First industry for windfall profits tax:OIL
      Looks like holidays for XOM is over today.

      • 1 Reply to townerc001
      • Hope you enjoy the tax INCREASE then, because XOM, et al, WILL pass that tax thru to you. And that is the best case scenario, worst case is XOM, et al decide to take their business to the rest of the world. Remember about 75% of XOM net is already from overseas, if they spin out domestic operations, where will gov't make up the $40 BILLION per year in taxes from foreign operations XOM alone pays?

    • If Obama wins, I'll blame it on the media, racist blacks, and uninformed gullible voters.

      I have never seen the media so biased in all my years.

    • "Your firearms will suddenly have huge government taxes and fees that will quadruple your firearm and/or ammunition purchase also..."

      Yeah... and the value of the one's you already own will become priceless.

    • nope.
      1) market already pricing in Obama win
      2) for XOM to go down 80% from here truly would mean we are in a great depression
      3) Obama may be able to bankrupt US coal industry as that coal industry is based here. But XOM and other "bigoil" are far more overseas dependent than coal. Obama might be able to bankrupt refining and other US depended assets (and the US citizens along with them) but if push came to shove, xom, etal would just move overseas. Remember while BK does flow up a corp structure, it doesn't flow across or down corp structure.

    • you are so impressed with Palin raising taxes on oil companies in Alaska you must find that a good philosophy
      you must think that giving state revenue to children is good philosophy (that is not welfare or socialism??)
      you must think violation of state ethics laws is good philosophy
      you must think "abstinence only" sex education works
      you must believe God wants rapists to spawn children

      YOU must be a IDIOT

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