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  • kythumper kythumper Feb 12, 2009 12:00 PM Flag

    Something Criminal Going On Gasoline Makret

    that needs to be investigated by the U. S. Justice Department. There is no logical explanation as to why the price of gasoline should continue to rise as the price of crude oil falls. The only possible explanation is criminal market manipulation by the oil companies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • There are all kinds of valid, logical and economically sound reasons. Many have been shared with you. You don't even attempt to refute them. You just ignore them because they don't support your position.

      Why did oil companies "manipulate" DOWN the price of gasoline in summer '07 as crude price was increasing?

    • Its called price-fixing, refining-capacity-fixing, production-fixing, failure-to-drill-fixing, pumping-fixing, and cooperative pricing between all of the drilling, refining, distributing and delivery systems and the gas station operators. Ever heard of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?? Read it, and read why it was passed. Because of Standard Oil/Chevron, the Rockefellers and other greedy MF'ers. The same kind of crap that is going on TODAY. Then....try to get your bribe- and contribution-taking congressmen to read it and enforce it. They could care less what laws are on the books, nor about enforcing them as long as they get reelected. Best of luck. As long as the public is apathetic and keeps putting the same bozos back in office, expect ZERO change- from either party. VOTE INDEPENDENT.

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      • Your (choice of) ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

        1) Sherman Act was not due to Standard Oil/Chevron. Chevron didn't exist. What is now Cheveron WAS part of Standard Oil

        2) If you know all this "fixing" is going on and it is illegal, why not report the specifics. You can stop it AND gt compensated as a whistle blower to boot.

        3) How come you did not answer when I asked why gaso price went down in '07 as crude went up?

    • While you're at it have them investigate the
      ground meat and steak companies.

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