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  • ellehorowitz ellehorowitz Jun 15, 2009 3:24 AM Flag

    George Bush BootyFooked Economy!

    George Bush Bootyfooked the economy !!
    XOM could grow rise
    if G. Bush's PROTECTION MONEY is returned.
    The this will ease the credit market & allowed
    XOM to weather what would have been a milder recession.

    Instead George Bush poured out $millions of dollars$--
    completely unregulated--to AIG, banks, and others as Protection Money.

    The news was instructed by Bernanke to call Bush's TARP
    as Bonuses, Relief and other names, it's obvious that the
    was money given out FAST & FURIOUSLY & UNREGULATED in the
    very last few months of the Bush Administration, to serve
    to deter the impeachment proceedings.

    SO MUCH SO FAST, that it's true purpose served
    to hold the legislature & taxpayers hostage to the money.

    It's national blackmail by G. Bush and his proponents,
    the monies serve as a threat to our economy & government.

    George Bush proponents have strong desire to retain
    dictatorial control, and HAVE SIEZED HUGE SUMS OF TAXPAYERS
    MONEYS to continue their influence on government
    leglislative processes through EXTORTION.

    THEIR PLAN-->to apply the threat of pouring even more
    of B. BUSH'S PROTECTION MONEY down their secretive ratholes
    and drive the economy into bankruptcy-->unless legislation
    is favoring them, such as:
    ceasing of impeachment proceedings,
    ceasing investigations into financial improprieties,
    and granting extensions G.Bush's tax breaks to the wealthy.

    GBush Proponents are currently dissappointed,
    as shown in their ranting & raving after such a
    short time of service on Obama's part.

    It's obvious that the George Bush operatives are flushing
    their portion of the GB Protection Money down a rathole.
    This allows them to rant & rave about Obama
    w/o the taxpayer knowing WTF is actually hurting the economy.

    The Conservatives are worried:( that they'll have to pay fair taxes on the
    millions of millions of dollars they earn each year:).
    This is too much for them to tolerate.
    For a Millionaire Cash Hoarder to pay fair taxes is 'unthinkable.'

    The obvious current unfair taxation has been brought to the
    surface and even realized by many wealthy.

    Bershire Hathaway stated in his TV interview that he
    wished the Rick & Wealthy would at least consider paying their fair share of Taxes.
    Jimmy Cramer--at Bucknell--spoke about the covert shameful
    taxation where people making under $30K are taxed heavier
    than those shameless millionares--for over the last 10years
    or, IOW during the DaBush-Don't-Tax-The-Rich-regime Era
    aka the BOOTYFOOK-the-poor-by-taking-their-jobs regime.

    To be Wealthy & Rich does not require you to be ethical.

    The 1st half of the TARP money is currently being used as extortion
    (conveniently done by G.Bush to have no
    regulatory requirements on the money),
    and the radical
    wealthy who are clamoring against Obama,
    are using that half to deepen the damage on the economy.

    Bush should be impeached for the unregulated handout.
    Also, Bernanke should be fired.
    Bernanke created the front,
    or the impression that Bush's half served to help the economy.

    But since the recipients of the Bush's TARP are throwing it
    down ratholes, we received no gain on that half. All the
    while they are blaming Obama, when they in-fact are
    incurring this fanatical deception on the Taxpayer!

    DaBush Cohorts are Dangerous,
    you gotta fight these BootyFookers!!!

    Bush is turning the Taxpayer into a Prison "Bitshtsh",
    are you a "Prison Bitshtsh".
    Right now you are.
    Bring Bush & the moneys back.!!!
    make then the "Prison Bitshtsh's" !!!! !!! !!!

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    • Handlers work the Presidents, mere puppets the Presidents since Kennedy, and most were puppets prior. 9/11 Bush in Kindergarten Class looked like a helpless child--9/11 was pulled off and Bush did what he was told thereafter (Patriot Act I rammed through unread by stupid federal legislators) (web search "Dr Judy Wood").
      Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO); Russia/China military cooperation (US/China military tension).
      Be cautious Illuminati (Fed Reserve) may want to run up stock market to suck many back in before pulling plug again.
      The PLAN of Rothschilds and other owners of the private Federal Reserve is to bring US sovereignty to an end; make the US Constitution subordinate to an international body and become printers of the world's money supply which will be strictly in digital form and we will all have our digital papers on us at all times and be ready to present our papers to any police officer requesting same. Within several years GPS in all vehicles tracking every move for the benign purpose of being an alternative to fuel tax but the real motive is military, powers seeking greater control over the population (and Google is more than willing to assist those powers in every way, thanks Google).

    • GBush, Clinton and BushSr. However they are second fiddle to the real power which is held by the owners of the Federal Reserve who want to maintain the right to issue the Nation's money supply and in its alliance are military leaders and CIA. (Kennedy Executive Order 11110 got him murdered).

      On July 16 Paulson has to answer before Congress. How does Paulson extract himself from his previous statement that Bernanke told him to tell Ken Lewis if the MAC is invoked Lewis, the Board and Management would be ousted? At Bernanke's testimony before Congress this week, Ben said he thinks Paulson amended his statement.

      No one gets to be a CEO of a major bank without being in with the illuminati. Could Lewis have kept his mouth shut about the threats OR is the fix in for Bernanke in order for the F.R. owners to put in another Fed Head in an attempt to restore credibility to the FR? Is the FR backpedaling from imploding the economy or is the plan to run up the stock market and then crash it?

    • Bush should be belatedly impeached for the unregulated TARP handout. Also, Bernanke should be fired.

      Bernanke created the front, or the impression that Bush's half served to help the economy.

      But the recipients of the Bush's TARP have thrown most it
      down offshore ratholes, and we received no gain on most of that half.

      All the while Bush's camp is blaming Obama for this economy, when they in-fact are incurring this economic ruination. Bush Operatives continue to be actively seeking way & means to cut growth, stifle employment, confound the economy and more. Bush's operatives gave almost all the TARP to Offshore recipients.

      AND BERNANKE Covered for him!!! Dah I wonder what Offshore Country got the Money -DAh Dah Dah wake up America!

      The Bush Cohorts are Dangerous, you gotta fight these BootyFookers!!!

      Bush is turning the Taxpayer into a Prison "Bitshtsh",
      are you a "Wide-Open Prison Bitshtsh?"--Right now you are.
      Bush is humpin' you relentlessly!
      Bring Bush & the moneys back.!!!
      make then the "Prison Bitshtsh's" !!!! !!! !!!

    • History will record Bush as one of our top Presidents in history, especially after we are attacked even more severely. BHO is already compared with Chamberlin, and will be remembered with Hoover.

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      • The best thing George Bush taught was that there is NO difference between the Democrats & Republicans. One is a big spender and the other is a bigger spender. The other thing I hope everyone learned is that unless EVERYONE gets off their butt and gets involved in this democracy, we are doomed. The buttheads in D.C. have to get unelected and a new start installed or you will be seeing outrageous spending and taxes, limited private opportunity and a depressed economy for the rest of your lives.

        The good days are over if THE CHANGE WE GOTTA HAVE doesn't happen and YOU don't get involved in your political system. Or you can leave it as is to Penazi, Barbie Frank, Chrissie Dodd and Hairy Read and stop whining about the results.

    • Bush should be hung!

      However, proceeding are the law.

      Bush is a liar, a full-face liar, a committed liar, a practiced liar, a philisophically committed liar, a liar leader, a liar follower, a lie seller, a lie promoter.

    • We must FIRE BERNANKE for providing

      George Bush with a smoke screen. That money

      was purported for economic improvement

      however waws actually used by Bush Cohorst to

      defend him from the IMPEACHMENT proceeding--

      proceeding which stopped as soo as Bush had handed out

      the extortion money to AIG & other Operative companie

      under the smokescreen of "bailing out the economy."

      Bush runs a House of Liars, and Bush's Tarp Monies is


      Bring Bush's monies back & let us impeach Bush
      and halth this institutionalization of destructive lies
      also being used to destroy American Value.

      Fire Bernanke! He provides a smoke screen for the Bush's NATIONAL LIE!!

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      • Stop the funneling of milllions of millions of free
        cash to the Jewish state.

        Call Bush back for impeachment!

        Bernanke LIES for BUSH
        and Bush exports enormous cash flows
        under the guise of TARP in Israel!!

        Stop Bush from melting the economy!

      • yes you are correct, and i am very concerned because part of the TARP that Bush give away so rapidly is now in Israel, and some in France, aand Africa. We should be allowed to openly know & decide how this money is used, instead they operate with unsuccessful secrecy.

        I feel one reason Bernanke protect Bush with 'smoke screen' is because most of the money is sent to Israel. That explain why the economy was in a coma, in-spite of Bush's TARP money. Bush's TARP money was never actually spent in the US Economy. Instead it go to France, to Africa, to Israel, and elsewhere!

        Bush stand in TV and lie so much that i find him too dishonorable to be Politically viable ever again. They take "other peoples money!"

        Now they threaten to never return money if we impeach Bush, or raise taxes on extrememly wealthy, or investigate financial improprieties.

        Bush operates more than 'Cronies.'
        These bush people are an viscious cult clan.
        Explain how Madoff operate so long under TWO Bush terms!
        Someone knew, they just ignore--on purpose ignore.
        Did Bush give order to ignore?
        Why do Republicans call for deregulation at the time they did,
        when Murdoff is coincidently running his Ponzi Scheme.
        Were Republicans trying to protect him, and allow
        him to perpetuate a long time?

        Does this have something to do with the TARP money that is being funneled to Israel?

        Bernanke & Murdoff are Jewish!

        And Bush is continuosly clamoring about his loyalty to the jewish state!

        Does Bush feel the American is worthless,
        and that he should take from America
        in which to give to the Jewish State?

        Thus Bernanke provide cover.

        And Madoff so old and longlived in luxury that punishment is irrelevent.

    • Bush is a shameless President,

      when Bush speaks of 'evil' he speaks of himself!!

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      • Bush never speaks of himself, he always speaks about
        'international' this and 'international' that. I think he wants to be a dolphin and travel. He know nothing about demestic issues, and "cannot manage a walk home" in terms of domestic economy. I still laugh how Bush was announcing that 'everything will be fine' just 12 months ago!

        These layoffs & rise in unemployment is a political event. Bernanke is a liar, and Bush continues to bareback the economy through his cohorts.

        So how does Madoff operate for so long and never get caught.

        Why do people who aren't needy(as Ms madoff had an inheritence of over $10M) conduct this Ponzi Scheme.

        Why did Shapiro give Madoff money to start (lots of money) and never ask for a payout. If Shapiro was smart he'd transfer his moneys to a new custodian every 5 years, that way scam can only last for 5 years....very odd to give so much and then just never call hardly any back.

        What's with this Madoff?? Like he has been professionally trained on how to appear & behave so people not realize.

        Bizarre, he never bought a security, how bizarre that this nonactivity was not noticed. . . . this is more than mere scam, this is organized.
        SEC Insider's were instructed to turn a blind eye to Madoff by the Bush Administration!! This is one basis for IMPEACHMENT OF BUSH! There are two additional Bases!

    • At least we have THE ONE to save us.

      So far it seems to be working:

      a) $1 trillion stimulus and unemployment below 12% in California and only 16% in Oregon.

      b) Gasoline steady at $3.40 in California.

      c) Oil has slowed its rise now that it has doubled since Obama took presidency

      d) Supreme Court says DNA not allowable for convicted felons.

      Yeah, I guess the Obama administration has turned things around.

    • But at least we have THE ONE to save us.

    • The guy from Chicago the home of corruption. What is he doing? Both parties suck. If your not an independent by now your an idiot.

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