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  • deweylady deweylady Jul 14, 2009 12:29 AM Flag

    A yardstick for $1 Trillion--this is helpfull-->>

    The article below says that $2.3 Trillion dollars is equivalent to $8,0000 for every man woman & child in America. Thus the alleged $1.0 Trillion balmed on Obama represents ~~$4,000 for every man woman, child in America. OK, after reading the article below you will learn that at sometime before Runsfeld was Sec-of-Defense, the DoD had already "lost" $2.3 Trillion, and was in-progress of losing addend losses. By now the accumulated DoD "losses" are 2 X $2.3trillion=$4.6trillion.
    All we need to do is have oversight over the DoD.
    We have paid trillions upon trillions over 4 decades for a strong defense, and it couldn't stop 9/11. The DoD didn't do its' job, and overcharged us simultaneously! Revamp DoD!!!!!!

    DoD throws money down secretive ratholes!!
    (CBS) On Sept. 10, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared war. Not on foreign terrorists, "the adversary's closer to home. It's the Pentagon bureaucracy," he said.
    He said money wasted by the military poses a serious threat.
    "In fact, it could be said it's a matter of life and death," he said.
    Rumsfeld promised change but the next day – Sept. 11-- the world changed and in the rush to fund the war on terrorism, the war on waste seems to have been forgotten.
    Just last week President Bush announced, "my 2003 budget calls for more than $48 billion in new defense spending."
    More money for the Pentagon, CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports, while its own auditors admit the military cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends.
    "According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions," Rumsfeld admitted.
    $2.3 trillion — that's $8,000 for every man, woman and child in America. To understand how the Pentagon can lose track of trillions, consider the case of one military accountant who tried to find out what happened to a mere $300 million.

    "We know it's gone. But we don't know what they spent it on," said Jim Minnery, Defense Finance and Accounting Service.
    Minnery, a former Marine turned whistle-blower, is risking his job by speaking out for the first time about the millions he noticed were missing from one defense agency's balance sheets. Minnery tried to follow the money trail, even crisscrossing the country looking for records.
    "The director looked at me and said 'Why do you care about this stuff?' It took me aback, you know? My supervisor asking me why I care about doing a good job," said Minnery.

    He was reassigned and says officials then covered up the problem by just writing it off.

    "They have to cover it up," he said. "That's where the corruption comes in. They have to cover up the fact that they can't do the job."

    The Pentagon's Inspector General "partially substantiated" several of Minnery's allegations but could not prove officials tried "to manipulate the financial statements."

    Twenty years ago, Department of Defense Analyst Franklin C. Spinney made headlines exposing what he calls the "accounting games." He's still there, and although he does not speak for the Pentagon, he believes the problem has gotten worse.
    "Those numbers are pie in the sky. The books are cooked routinely year after year," he said.
    Another critic of Pentagon waste, Retired Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan, commanded the Navy's 2nd Fleet the first time Donald Rumsfeld served as Defense Secretary, in 1976.
    In his opinion, "With good financial oversight we could find $48 billion in loose change in that building, without having to hit the taxpayers."

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    • So what the article says is that $2.3 Trillion dollars of DoD money is simple disappearing every three years or so.

      Wow that's more that twice the Federal Deficit, and for all we know, as spread out as the DoD all across the globe most if not all of the "Lost $2.3 Trillion" could have been given to offshore economies.

      Land of the Lost--ever wonder why that actor looks like Bush. The Repubs built out mighty DoD and the created a monetary "Land of the Lost Money."

      Every 3 years DoD Looses $2.3 Trillion.

    • The CIA is programmatizing the Media in the USA to exagerate the Federal Deficit. In full knowledge that the DoD wastes $2.3 Trillion every 3 years, the media continues to assault the public citizen about how terrible the deficit is for the Taxpayer & that the Taxpayer must pay and must feel terrible hwn money goes to themselves--that deficit money is being spent on OURSELVES--NOT the DiD waste Pigs.

      The problem here is the CIA is covertly trying to make us a slave to the DoD waste Pig. They don't tell you about the $2 trillion the DoD waste pig has regularly thrown away every 3 years--just the one trilkion this year spent on you.

      Shame on America for investing in itself!

      The CIA's covert intentions are to use propaganda to stop a new second round. The CIA wants the next Trillion to go to Africa.United Nations.

      It's quite obvious if you watch how the CIA has manipulated the media.
      When Money goes to US Citizens, it is always accompanied with charges of "Socialism."
      When money is sent to United Nations or Africa there's no accompanying charges, and instead just stories about all the good it will do.



      • 1 Reply to gnuychen
      • So far the Block Bully has been George Bush

        During the George Bush Presidency the wealthy enjoyed a very low timid taxation rate. For this reason CEO salaries escalated during Bush's Presidency. The CEO at my company, a low technology inject molder & metal can mfr made $4.23 his first year as CEO managing a company of 3,000 employees. RFI Entertainment CEO makes $2.3 million a year managing a company of 80 employees.

        Board of Directors of companies all across USA realized that he Bush years were the years to escalate CEO salaries, because they didn't have to pay fair taxes.

        Now it's too late to tax that money. Over 8 continuous years of escalated CEO salaries at the Bush reduced tax rate, and the govt will never be able to tax that money again.

        We have observed that low tax rates induces outrageous salaries.

        AIG wanted to give out those millions in 2008 because they would have been taxed at the Bush's low low tax rate. We saw how a low tax rate caused bonus & salary improprieties.

        I see that Obamas stimulus is a mere percent of the National Deficit and that the DoD is losing over twice that amount annually. Essentially for DoD to say they lost $2.3 trillion is like a confession of grand theft--they stole it, and lie. And as globally spread out the DoD is that LOST $2.3 Trillion probably went to some foreign country. That's why we have cash shortages.

        In a Stimulus the money stay in the USA.

        More Stimulus will be outstanding for America.

        Simply stop the DoD grand theft!
        And raise tax on the exorbitant salaries & bonuses.

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