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  • florida0.0winters florida0.0winters Jul 14, 2009 9:19 AM Flag

    Ted Turner gave UN $$1 BILLON in 1998 . . .

    And the International Community/United Nations Security reiprocated----They withheld leads to the terrorist activities leading to 9/11.

    Wow what wonderful friends we have bought TED TURNER.

    Lets give United Nations a $Trillion--then maybe they'll withhold the terrorists plan to Nuke New York off the map.\

    -->>FOCK the pay more get less plan at the United Nations<--


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    • Ted Turner a wealthy crime figure!

      Lake Travis in texas is 50% empty, California parks are burning up & closing, Texas & California agricultural infrastucture has vaporized.....and SFB Ted Turner gives UN $1Billion!!!! No single man should ever have the right to give awa so much. Ted Turner is an extremely stupid person.

      $1Bill would pay for a desalination plant that could pipe fresh water to Lake Travis & fill it up and offer more to Ag farms.

      If a desalination plant was built in California it would help California Agriculture and bring wanter inland where there is none.

      It's really sad that ted Turner, Bush (the Bushwacker) and the DoD are giving away so much money offshore as the USA's infrastructure is under seige by the climate.....we have hurricane victims, drought victims, fire victims; also, animals throughout the USA are dying oif dehydration--foxes, deer, porcupines, raccoons, birds, and tons more.

      'So why is this the time to send all our resources overseas....most people are unaware that Private Company CEOs in America sent tens of Trillions of dollars of investment capital to China to build plants!!! It's killing America, where the birthrate is dropping, the only population growing in the USA is the Hispanics--and they grow by walking over here and being quadra-moms & penta-moms, and hepta-moms, and Octa-moms!!! Now they get TV shows to pay for the competitive breeding!!

      When is USA gonna realize that we have criminal making decisions involving Trillions of dollars, and those criminals HATE the USA.

    • Ted Turner let the French give a little......if they have enuff money to move into America and buy up Diamond Shamrock Refining, Premcor Chemicals, Weber Aircraft, Amfuel, Boeing-Corinth, and tons more....then they have the money to donate to nations in Africa--immediately South to them.

      They come into the USA buy companies & layoff US citizens & staff the companies with their Viche' extended family--nepotism alacarte--and drive unemployment sky high in America for US citizen!

    • America gives tooo much money away to oofshore economies

      it's causing the collapse of our infrastructure, our

      societies, the nations health, and a flourishing

      of unethical behavior. Bush has racked America

      in the Balls--FIGHT BACK!!!!

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      • >>America gives tooo much money away<<

        On this we agree...

        1) why should we be paying billions in rent on military bases which are only there to defend the country they are located in.

        especially in countries which vote against us in the UN every chance they get.... . (France and Germany)

        IMO.. any overseas base should be leased to the USA for $1 a year... OR CLOSED..

        2).. Why should we be send dollars overseas in a emergency..

        we should be sending goods (food, water tents, etc) which are produced in the USA... and delivering them in American flagged ships.. ( or military ships..) ...not dollars,,,



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