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  • ipasbluson ipasbluson Jul 29, 2009 2:14 PM Flag

    Bring Bush & Greenspan to criminal court of law

    Bush sought to bring ruination upon the economy in a fashion meant to make Bernanke to seem impressive.

    Bush & Greenspan totally attacked the economy...and Bush managed to throw plenty of smoke screen out--to cover his activities-->cover, like every now & then making outlandish statements like "Everythings fine," & "The economy is getting better," and a few others....these statements served as "impression management," to give the impression that he was out-of-knowledge of anything in the offing, when in fact he knew a recesssion was coming because he was taking every behind-the-scene-action to make-it-so.

    Here's how he and Greespan implemented a covert economic wrecker program,

    At the time of those statements he was aggressively orchestrating attacks upon the economy.
    1. Bait-&-switch Hire-&-fire program by federal government to induce unemployment.
    2. Allowing & encouraging the DoD to send trillions offshore, into foreign economies, and classifying the exported Trillions as "Lost Money."
    3. Lowered tax on extremely high salaries so his private enterprise cohorts & cronies (ie, Boards of Directors) could escalate executive salaries & deplete American companies of cash.

    Meanwhile greenspan
    1. Allowed extreme amounts of Marginal Loans. (see Jimmy Cramer's Bucknell Speach on Laissez-faire govt). Greenspan only excuse for not controlling marginal loaning is that he feels the public would be dissappointed-->Bottomline the Defrauders & Liar Loan Officers would have been dissappointed--Greenspan catered to defrauders, thus he was a defrauder collaborator, and in collusion, and should be cited as so. (FACTOID: one of the most severe liar loan officer was an immigrant from Paletine who was a car salesman, and became a loan officer simply by taking a exam---and given exam preparation by a secretive band of covert operators)

    America wake up....Bush & Greenspan have orchestrated EVIL upon us.
    he is evil<--no highlights, pure & simple he's evil.

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