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  • ipasbluson ipasbluson Aug 22, 2009 2:38 PM Flag

    ALA voters allow Pres Bush to finger . . .

    Yeah, Bush is an arsehollie....he needs to be brought out and exposed as the dirty rat's arse he is.

    He was so harmful to the United States
    that's it would be a absolute unrivaled
    breach of humanity to not keep his total
    inept mismanegement in the forfront of news every day!!!

    George Bush ran an economic war against very good Americans....just totally wanted to destroy wealth & value!!!

    His comments that government never creates properity are his threats that he will continue with his attacks!!!

    He's not out of the picture....he & his Cronies continue to be seeking ways & means to detroy peoples lives.

    America cannot just let him walk away from his disasters---
    BUSH MUST BE REBUKED...he is a disaster, a clear threat to our economic well being.

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