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  • tinahenkle tinahenkle Sep 2, 2009 5:02 PM Flag

    Bush Admin persistantly attacked Whistleblowers

    All these articles about Inspector Generals who did investigations & failed to do investigations correctly--however there was no ties to payoffs or financial motivators, eg financial rewards to show motivation.

    The absurdity of this is that the Bush Administration was PUNISHING many time are people going to read that there was no financial reward for the failed SEC investigations, yet they look 'honest,' BEFORE the public realizes WTF actually was happening...The Bush Administration WAS ATTACKING WHISTLEBLOWERS....HE WOULD FIRE THEM!! DEMOT THEM.......Bush Fired the head of the Corp of Engineers as an Example of what's in store for Whistleblowers......I worked in the DoD During the Bush years...he fired anyone who reported fraudulent activity!!! he fired anyone in any Agency an across the board fraud protection program by Bush.

    Bush must be punished!

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    • The head of the Corp of Engineers was responcible for the New Orleans levee failure...

      SO WHY SHOULD HE NOT BE FIRED...........

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      • Georg Bush fired the head of the Corp of Engineers in early 2002....remember Bush assumed his Presidential role in Jan/2001 to begin the 1st 4year Term. ...Katrina was during the 2nd year Term....The Firing of the Head of the Corp of Engineers was so intiate his denigration program....The Head of the Corp of Engineers had moderately high standards and was enforcing them so he was fired, as was the case for any Agency Auditor who tried to enforce legislative standards. Amy attempt by an Auditor to do his job resulted in OTJ harassment by his Director through maligned performance appraisals, reduction of pay, withholding of vacation, baseless demotions, it went so far as some Auditors had to pull their children out of school because other Federal Service employees children of higher Supervisors & Directors were intimidating, harassing, and hazing the Auditor's children at school.

        Bush is about the German Culture......steeped in there heritage is the use of killing to obtain inheritances, murders to make life insurance claims, and tons more.

        It goes back to Hitler, they became addicted to taking free things from Jews, the Brown shirts started to recruit Males who had high asset value, they would try to get them to settle for homosexuality so then when they died there would be no wife & children to inherit the assets,

        the Brownshirts (being Romehomeos w/these rich Males) were able to become the recipients of all those assets. The Brownshirts were known to bring in wealthy males, coerce them into homosexuality with drugs & coersion, obtain consent to be on the Designation of Beneficiaries (DOB) for that Males Assets, and shortly thereafter this Males would die from some strange accident--thus leaving the Brownshirts his inheritance!!!!

        That's Bush's heritage!!!

    • I too worked for George Bush and know how it was. I've not worked under any other Administration, yet I can say that he seemed like an aggressive cancer, always jumping on someone who pointed at flawed, egregiously unethical, or just unlawful activities. Where i worked people were using up their accumulated vacation & time-off benefits strategically timed among the holidays to maximize their days off during the Bush Administration.

      No one desired to come to work, it was like a form of slavery. We had to go to work to earn, but being there meant either being abused or being in solitary confinement.

      Federal Service Sector productivity plummeted under Bush; also, fraud, illicit activities, illegal activities flourished.

      Bush was elected to corrupt the government. The man is a disgrace.

      If America wants a world of justice & equity, liberty & freedom you'll certainly have to fight George to get it.

      I do not know what good he did. He seemed content to dismantle anything that involved people, and consolidate anything that had to do with money.

      IOW he was obssessed with aggregating enormous massive sums within the DoD as "Lost Money," and aggregating other sums at the TARP & other massive caches; however, at the same time sought to make everyone but he & cronies feel like crap shiitte on a stick.

      He has mental problems.....I'm sure he has a low IQ, because what he did was actually not his doing alone, it was him acting to be doing while others were actully doing the dirty deeds.

      Its was an Agenda involving Bush, Rumsfeld, Greenspan, Henry Paulson, Gates to an extent, the other Gates (CIA Gates), et al.

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