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  • deweylady deweylady Sep 25, 2009 10:22 PM Flag

    Shhhh, don't give away the secrets

    GW Bush had the opportunity to keep the Magnequench Plant in Indianapolis in America; however, on the eve of the worst economic recession since the 1940s Former Pres GW Bush facilitated the dismantling & relocation of the Indiana plant to China in 2005.

    Bush had last say on allowing this plant to stay & to save 230+ jobs...Bush DECLINED in a ruthless & barabaric decision to DO NOTHING--as childen are being born & raised in poverty in America.

    The GW Bush Administration was an 8 year period of economic an 8 year economic Bataan Death march for the domestic economy....America dismantled manufacturing plants and sending them to China ....and China was dismantled our hightech USA Spyplanes and sending then back in crates--a billion dollar spyplane dismantled

    because GW Bush escalated the number of spy-flights to a frantic pace, whereupon exhausting the services capabilities, and resulting in a enormous financial & military loss!! ANOTHER BEST KEPT SECRET OF GW BUSH.

    Why didn't Bush stay out of micromanaging--Bush is DIRECTLY responsible for that plane going down in China. How many of you know that!!

    We can only pray that we shall never experience another Economic Death March as GW Bush has made us walk.

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    • The Magnequench plant was sold to the Chineese under Bill Clinton.

    • It's no secret,
      230 people are screaming hot mad,
      and wanna get their hands around George Bush's throat.

      Most wonder how the President who witnessed 9/11 and Katrina could end his term declaring that the economy is doing fine.

      He made numerous statements that give the impression that he did not expect the economy to tank.

      However, it's unbelievable to believe he is sincere, because he has access to the best forecasters.

      His claims of not knowing are lies pure 'in-your'face' lying.

      George Bush is the most vociferous liar in the history of our Presidents. He's a rehearsed liar, a practiced liar, literally a liar for hire.

      He should have authorized Stimulus in his penultimate year! He didn't, and we do not know why. We just suffer the consequence of this 'subHoover' creep.

      Whatever on earth managed to get him into Office needs to be destroyed.

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